Katie Connolly

Stories by Katie Connolly

  • Economics: Helping Poor Countries Strategize

    GDP is the standard yardstick for evaluating a country's economy, but it's a rough measure, especially for poor countries—it doesn't take into account the types of products a country makes and how they affect growth prospects.Using network mathematics, economists at Harvard and the University of Notre Dame came up with a map that connects countries according to exports. The map, say the authors, is a step toward measuring how much poor countries must change to compete with rich ones. It reveals two hubs—Europe's and North America's high-tech products, and East Asia's textile and electronics industries.An apple exporter can move into oranges, but cell phones require capital and a structural overhaul. By making global patterns evident, the mapping technique may help developing countries strategize.
  • Supplying Abu Dhabi's Labor

    Amid the opulent hotels and glittering high-rises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it’s easy to forget that the U.A.E. has a working class. With the arrival of the Guggenheim and the Louvre, demand for construction and service industry workers looks set to rise. Where will these workers come from? NEWSWEEK’s Katie Connolly asked Sarah Leah Whitson, Human Rights Watch’s executive director for the Middle East and North Africa. Excerpts: ...
  • Q&A: China's Top Consumer Advocate

    Over the last few months, dramatic product-safety scandals have rocked China—and horrified the world. The U.S. government and media have exposed one badly made Chinese export after another, raising serious questions about the quality of Chinese manufacturing. But it’s not just lethal pet food consumers need to worry about. Shoddy manufacturing can turn everything from stationary sets to hammocks into household hazards. Some recent violations: ...