Katie Paul

Stories by Katie Paul

  • Virtual College Fairs

    Want to check some schools? Forget the road trip, just log on.
  • Drugs: Losing the Opium Battle

    Afghanistan's narcotics trade is back with a vengeance. Washington's latest antidrug plan is unlikely to curb it.
  • When Mom Kills Her Kids

    When a mother kills her three children, the obvious answer seems to be yes. But one expert says the resolution isn't so simple.
  • How Will Raul Castro Govern?

    A noted Cuban expert says Raul Castro is his own man with his own ideas. But that doesn't mean major changes should be expected soon.
  • Convention Wisdom

    A veteran GOP operative on what's ahead in an uncertain race.
  • E-mailing With Ron Paul

    Ron Paul's candidacy shows the potential (and limits) of online politics.
  • LAPD on Britney Spears Case

    The head of the LAPD's mental-health unit explains what happens when authorities must involuntarily hospitalize a person with psychiatric issues—as recently happened to Britney Spears.