Katie Paul

Stories by Katie Paul

  • After Gitmo Ruling, What Next for Detainees?

    As the Supreme Court delivered another blow to the Bush administration's Guantánamo Bay detentions of terror suspects, a lawyer for some of the suspects looks at where we go from here.
  • Why New Women's Group Is Protesting Democratic Meeting

    One of the founders of a new group called WomenCount explains why her group is protesting the Democratic Party's rules committee meeting and answers charges that it's interested only in promoting Hillary Clinton's candidacy.
  • The Quest to Build the Perfect Bra

    After more than a century, lingerie makers may finally be close to finding the right balance of fashion, function and fit.
  • Healing Va. Tech’s Wounds

    Community Services in Virginia hunts ways to prevent the unthinkable from happening again.
  • Quirky Ways of Fueling the Future

    Chances are you've heard of hybrids and biofuels, but what about oil-producing yeast and turbinelike buoys that transform ocean waves into electricity? Those are just a few of the alternative-energy sources that may power the future, according to Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund and coauthor, with Miriam Horn, of "Earth: The Sequel" (Norton). "Everyone knows the current story of melting glaciers, rising sea levels, worsening hurricanes, dying coral reefs," says Krupp. " 'The Sequel' is the story of what happens next. We are just on the threshold of a great race." Solar-power technology is our best bet for now, says Krupp, but quirkier projects are essential elements of a smart, diversified energy strategy. New technologies might turn wood and fiber—rather than food crops—into biofuels. Medical research on how the human brain expels carbon dioxide might lead to new ways of burning coal cleanly. One energy firm is working on a way to direct smokestack emissions...
  • Buckle Up Baby

    Pregnant women often wonder whether seatbelts do more harm than good, but a new study finds they are essential protection for mother and child.
  • Virtual College Fairs

    Want to check some schools? Forget the road trip, just log on.
  • Drugs: Losing the Opium Battle

    Afghanistan's narcotics trade is back with a vengeance. Washington's latest antidrug plan is unlikely to curb it.
  • When Mom Kills Her Kids

    When a mother kills her three children, the obvious answer seems to be yes. But one expert says the resolution isn't so simple.
  • How Will Raul Castro Govern?

    A noted Cuban expert says Raul Castro is his own man with his own ideas. But that doesn't mean major changes should be expected soon.
  • Convention Wisdom

    A veteran GOP operative on what's ahead in an uncertain race.
  • E-mailing With Ron Paul

    Ron Paul's candidacy shows the potential (and limits) of online politics.
  • LAPD on Britney Spears Case

    The head of the LAPD's mental-health unit explains what happens when authorities must involuntarily hospitalize a person with psychiatric issues—as recently happened to Britney Spears.