Kent Sepkowitz

Stories by Kent Sepkowitz

  • Sepkowitz-nm0823-Testosterone-tease

    Are You Man Enough?

    A treatment playing on male insecurity can backfire in dangerous ways.
    European Edition Version
  • sepkowitz-nm0421-adopting-embryo-tease

    Embryos for Sale!

    Is it ethical to sell a fertilized egg?
    European Edition Version
  • sepkowitz-mm0320-tallkids-tease

    Old Moms, Tall Kids

    The surprising news about the children of older mothers.
    European Edition Version
  • 130515-sepkowitz-nm0418-women-tease

    Siren Song

    Can a drug help men resist beautiful women?
    European Edition Version
  • sepkowitz gender

    Dirty Talk

    Why do some voices turn us on?
  • kent-NB51-soda-bloomberg-main-tease

    Sweet Truth

    Why experts know what’s best for your health.
  • sepkowitz-nb5210-sinkhole-main-tease

    On Shaky Ground

    Sometimes nature reminds us who is in charge.
  • NB50-green-medicine-sepkowitz-main-tease

    Clean or Green?

    The u.s. centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently launched the One and Only Campaign, an endeavor aimed not—as the name might suggest—at promoting marital monogamy, but ­rather at reducing the improper reuse of certain medical devices. By its estimate, well over 100,000 Americans in the last decade have been exposed to infections such as hepatitis and HIV because of unsafe injections, such as reused needles or vials of medicine that have been dipped into more than once. These exposures have resulted in dozens of increasingly well-publicized outbreaks, such as the 21 cases of hepatitis C spread from one dialysis center in New Jersey. Indeed, the CDC now has a website to keep the public informed of the latest trouble.
  • Bed Bugs

    Bite Me

    Our best weapon in the fight against bedbugs might be a pill.
  • health-costs-nb50

    Equine Opportunity?

    It's time to face the facts on expensive medical treatments.