Kevin Maney

Stories by Kevin Maney

  • 08_15_RealEstate_01

    Rent Sweet Rent

    There’s never been a worse time to buy a house, as the Internet is making ownership a sentimental mistake
  • 08_08_NewChips_02

    Goodbye, Mr. Chip

    Computers must start processing the way brains do if we hope to manage the avalanche of data crashing down on us
    European Edition Version
  • Big Data

    Running with Numbers

    The amount of unadulterated information we’ll soon have access to day to day will make “big data” seem as quaint as “surfing the web"
  • Stack of Coke cans

    Is This the Death of the Mass Brand?

    The arrival of Amazon's smartphone is but another indicator that customers no longer want to be mass consumers
    European Edition Version
  • 6.27_NW0201_3D_Printing

    The Bespoke Lawn Mower

    3-D printing will make it possible to have nothing like what anybody else has, and just the way you want it
  • 5.23_NW0221_AppleBeats_01

    iTuned Out

    Apple is scrambling in an industry evolving away from downloads and toward streaming
  • 051614_NW0220_FoodData_web

    Computer Chips and Dip

    Food and big data are about to make our plates a lot happier
    European Edition Version
  • 5.9_NW0219_Aereo_01

    Adjust Your Set

    The Supreme Court has a chance to liberate TV from its musty, last-century prison
    European Edition Version
  • 5.2_NW0318_Sustainability_01

    Share Determination

    Sustainability requires less growth, more optimization. And can I borrow your mower?
    European Edition Version
  • 4.25_NW0317_BrainPerformance_01

    This Is Your Brain on Apps

    Performance-enhancing apps will help you bend it like Beckham…or invest it like Buffett
    European Edition Version
  • 4.18_NW0216_ManeyMediData_01

    Your Drugs Are Talking About You

    Smarter, digitized prescriptions will help sick people get well faster and might even keep the rest of us out of sick bay
    European Edition Version
  • 4.11_NW0215_FBDrones_04HR

    Dark Side of the Loon

    Facebook and Google are working to use drones or balloons to bring the Internet to remote corners of the world. It’s the ultimate pie-in-the-sky scheme.
    European Edition Version
  • 3.28_NW0214_BlackBox_03

    Lose the Black Box

    The biggest mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is why the airlines refuse to fully monitor planes
    European Edition Version
  • 3.28_NW0213_Banking_02

    Losing Interest

    Banks are about to get blown up because they don’t realize that data, not money, is their most valuable asset
    European Edition Version
  • 3.21_NW0311_Bitcoin_01

    The Other Side of the Bitcoin

    They’re real, they’re spreading and you’ll be using a digital currency soon. Bet on it
    European Edition Version
  • TechGoals

    Mission Creep

    The best technology firms have a grand goal; the rest just look silly as they stumble along
    European Edition Version
  • 2.28_NW0109_Facebook

    Buy Big or Go Home

    With its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook is trying to avoid going Microsoft
    European Edition Version
  • 2.21_NW0108_College

    Big Data on Campus

    Crunching numbers will finally let students and their parents get smart about picking a college
    European Edition Version
  • 2.14_NW0107_Refs

    Last Call for Bad Calls

    Computers are just about ready to take over the judging and scoring for all sporting events
    European Edition Version
  • Zipcars and the future

    Un-Scaling the Mountain

    Still own a car? How retro. Sharing everything from office space to Ping-Pong tables will soon be the only way to play
    European Edition Version