Kevin Maney

Stories by Kevin Maney

  • Big Data

    Running with Numbers

    The amount of unadulterated information we’ll soon have access to day to day will make “big data” seem as quaint as “surfing the web"
  • 6.27_NW0201_3D_Printing

    The Bespoke Lawn Mower

    3-D printing will make it possible to have nothing like what anybody else has, and just the way you want it
  • 5.23_NW0221_AppleBeats_01

    iTuned Out

    Apple is scrambling in an industry evolving away from downloads and toward streaming
  • 5.9_NW0219_Aereo_01

    Adjust Your Set

    The Supreme Court has a chance to liberate TV from its musty, last-century prison
  • 5.2_NW0318_Sustainability_01

    Share Determination

    Sustainability requires less growth, more optimization. And can I borrow your mower?
  • 4.25_NW0317_BrainPerformance_01

    This Is Your Brain on Apps

    Performance-enhancing apps will help you bend it like Beckham…or invest it like Buffett
  • 4.18_NW0216_ManeyMediData_01

    Your Drugs Are Talking About You

    Smarter, digitized prescriptions will help sick people get well faster and might even keep the rest of us out of sick bay
  • 4.11_NW0215_FBDrones_04HR

    Dark Side of the Loon

    Facebook and Google are working to use drones or balloons to bring the Internet to remote corners of the world. It’s the ultimate pie-in-the-sky scheme.
  • 3.28_NW0214_BlackBox_03

    Lose the Black Box

    The biggest mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is why the airlines refuse to fully monitor planes
  • 3.28_NW0213_Banking_02

    Losing Interest

    Banks are about to get blown up because they don’t realize that data, not money, is their most valuable asset
  • TechGoals

    Mission Creep

    The best technology firms have a grand goal; the rest just look silly as they stumble along
  • 2.28_NW0109_Facebook

    Buy Big or Go Home

    With its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook is trying to avoid going Microsoft
  • 2.21_NW0108_College

    Big Data on Campus

    Crunching numbers will finally let students and their parents get smart about picking a college
  • 2.14_NW0107_Refs

    Last Call for Bad Calls

    Computers are just about ready to take over the judging and scoring for all sporting events
  • Zipcars and the future

    Un-Scaling the Mountain

    Still own a car? How retro. Sharing everything from office space to Ping-Pong tables will soon be the only way to play
  • Playing With a Concussion Might be a Thing of the Past

    Headbanger's Windfall

    This might be the last Super Bowl played with doctors making bad guesses about whether a player has a concussion
  • 1.24_NW0104_Nest

    Tell Me More About Me, Please

    People don’t want to share personal information, but they are learning to mine it themselves
  • 12-6-2013_NW0244_Bitcoin

    The End of Dumb Money

    Bitcoin may not be the currency of the future, but sooner or later something like it will emerge.
  • 12-6-13_NW0244_Bitcoin

    The End of Dumb Money

    Bitcoin may not be the currency of the future, but sooner or later something like it will emerge