Lennox Samuels

Stories by Lennox Samuels

  • Where Are The Monks?

    The junta has jailed some of Burma's Buddhist clergy, derobed others and driven many into exile.
  • Burma: A Jailed Monk’s Tale

    He was jailed and forced out of his traditional robes after Burmese soldiers arrested him during the junta's crackdown. A monk's tale.
  • Ethnic Minorities Key to Burma's Future

    As the vast majority of Burmese citizens clamor for change, ethnic minorities could be keys to the country's future. How they're planning ahead.
  • Burma: After Protests, Rebels Plot Comeback

    Burma's rebel fighters were conspicuously absent when monks and ordinary citizens took to the streets of Rangoon. But guerrilla leaders say the mass protests have helped unite their divided groups.
  • At Burma-Thai Border, Citizens Keep Quiet

    Residents of a small Burmese city on the border with Thailand are mostly keeping quiet about the protests across Burma. And that's just the way the authorities want it.