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    Forget the Ladies

    The gender gap doesn’t matter—and it never has.
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    Out In Space

    Surprise—the first U.S. woman astronaut was a lesbian. After a lifetime of celebrity, Sally Ride came out last week via her obituary, which listed her “partner,” Tam O’Shaughnessy, as the first survivor. A tardy arrival at the barricades, according to many. She was a trailblazer for women, but not for the gay revolution. As the Ride flap reveals, lesbians and gay men have the option of the closet. What’s wrong with that? Some acts are not morally required; in normal times, coming out, like acknowledging cancer, which Ride also kept private, seems like a personal decision. Ride, however, did not live in normal times. The 27 years she shared with her “partner” were critical to the triumphant gay revolution. As activists around her made the world better, her world got better, too. But instead of pulling her weight, she was free riding. Worse, as a celebrity and role model, she denied the movement a valuable asset. The feminist version of this is the “I’m not a feminist but” woman, who...
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    Can 'Angels in America' Soar Again?

    When the revival of "Angels in America" was announced a few months ago, there was talk of it being an artifact from a remote and different time.