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Stories by Lisa Miller

  • Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy

    Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side.
  • Beliefwatch: Pro-life Atheists

    Pro-life atheists insist that a human life has intrinsic value, even though they don't believe in God.
  • Beliefwatch: Communion Online

    'How can we provide authentic worship through the Web for people who are not part of the church?'
  • Page-Turner: "Buy-ology" by Martin Lindstrom

    Why do you choose Coke over Pepsi, Corona over Bud, Crest over Colgate? You don't think much about these choices, you say; your gut decides. Marketing guru Martin Lindstrom says otherwise. Your preference for Macs over PCs is embedded in your brain circuitry. In "Buyology," he shares the results of a three-year, $7 million study, in which he submitted 2,000 people to fMRI scans to explore what, exactly, happens in your brain to make you stand in line all night for an iPhone. ...
  • Obama’s Other Pastor

    Conservative, outspoken, and Houston born, this preacher and Bush friend is backing Barack.
  • New Billy Graham Movie Causes Family Rift

    The Evangelist Billy Graham turns 90 next month, and in this final chapter of his life, a number of laudatory books and movies are scheduled for release. One of these, a biopic called "Billy: The Early Years," arrives in theaters this week, and if the present family skirmish triggered by the movie is any sign of things to come, Graham's grown children still need to fine-tune their public-relations strategy.Gigi, who at 63 is the eldest of Billy and Ruth Graham's five children, endorsed the movie and wrote a positive blurb for its Web site. "The Early Years," which shows young Billy finding Jesus at a tent revival and meeting his beloved Ruth in college, is "very sweet," she told NEWSWEEK. "I've seen it 14 times, and I've learned something new each time." She likes the film because it presents her parents in a positive light and promotes a gospel message.But Franklin, the fourth child, who is president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, does not agree. In August he made a...
  • Q&A: What Barack Obama Prays For

    Barack Obama talked to NEWSWEEK's Lisa Miller and Richard Wolffe about how faith plays into his everyday life. Excerpts: ...
  • The Evangelical Right in Disarray

    The leaders of the religious right don't have great affection for John McCain. They think he's too moderate on immigration, embryonic-stem-cell research and campaign-finance reform, and they think he doesn't do enough to promote his pro-life positions. (Article continued below...)That's where they agree. But as the 2008 general election unfolds, it's clear that their movement is in disarray—in a transitional period that could diminish its influence this cycle. For decades, right-wing kingmakers used their sway with voters to pick candidates and set a national agenda at the polls and in the courts. But McCain's candidacy has tamped down their enthusiasm, exposing fractures that make a rallying of the troops in the pews unlikely.The right's issues are mostly generational. The conservative Christian activists who came of age with the Rev. Jerry Falwell—and experienced in 1980 the exhilaration of electing a president who represented their values—are in their 70s. Falwell died last year,...
  • Miller: Is Your Rabbi Hot or Not?

    Last spring, NEWSWEEK published a list of the 50 most influential rabbis in America, created and compiled by three nice (and rich and powerful) Jewish media big shots who, it seemed, didn't have quite enough to do. The aforementioned big shots (or machers, if you will) were Gary Ginsberg, an executive at NewsCorp.; Michael Lynton, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures, and Jay Sanderson, CEO of JTN Productions. Triggered by their long friendship and mutual interest in the future of American Judaism, the three men had gotten their BlackBerrys together and come up with a completely subjective and nonscientific formula which they used to rank America's rabbis. The list ran the week before Passover, and before it came out, the machers conceded that they were having more than a little bit of wicked fun imagining the kind of storm that was about to rain down like so many frogs or locusts. Jews love traditions; the second annual list is published herewith.The fallout from last year was...
  • Pro-Choice Evangelicals?

    Adam Hamilton does not call himself "pro-choice." He prefers "pro-life with a heavy heart." What that means, as he explains in his new book "Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White," is that he believes abortion should be available and legal, that there are instances in which it might be necessary and that those instances should be very rare. Further, he says, the abortion debate has been too hot for too long, and that, as a Christian minister, his job is to try "to support people no matter what decision they make." As an evangelical megachurch pastor in Kansas, a man educated at Oral Roberts University, Hamilton speaks carefully, aware that he's staking out a controversial position.Or maybe not. About a third of white evangelicals say that abortion should sometimes or always be legal, according to the Pew Research Center—a number that hasn't changed in a decade. In recent election seasons, however, these moderate voices have been drowned out by hard-line shouting on both sides....
  • A Good Book in Camouflage

    There are more than 50,000 copies of 'Experiencing God, Day by Day' with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.