Cocaine Nation: How the White Trade Took Over the World

It’s a gruesome saga that begins with the first indigenous Andean coca chewers and speeds up to today’s international cocaine-distribution syndicates. At its heart, this book argues that the global ban on recreational drug use has been entirely self-defeating, and it’s time to consider legalization.

Obama's Unlikely Defender: Laura Bush

Most political pundits have been quick to blame the oil disaster on Obama. Within a couple of days conservatives began calling it "Obama's Katrina," referencing his predecessor's response to the 2005 disaster. But Friday morning, Obama found an unusual supporter—former First Lady Laura Bush.

The Salahis: Masters of Deniable Publicity

There was a seismic shock that circulated the White House press corps this morning after ABC reported that former party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi were stopped by a Secret Service officer for running a red light and trying to turn into a blocked-off entrance last night outside the executive mansion, which was hosting its first state dinner since The Incident. ...

Thank You, South Carolina. Again. Seriously?

Last year South Carolina became one of the biggest punchlines in politics when Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, a presidential hopeful, tearfully admitted to an extramarital affair with an Argentine woman. Since his pathetic public apology, Sanford’s wife, Jenny, divorced him, appeared in Vogue, and revealed all in her bestselling book Staying True.   ...

Spoken From the Heart

This is former first lady Laura Bush’s tell-all. With impressive honesty, she recounts her days growing up West Texas and her path to the White House. Along the way, she casts a critical eye on political mudslinging and reveals her deep antipathy to the dirty games of politics, taking jabs at prominent reporters like Katie Couric and elected officials like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. But the most moving passages of the book focus on the women’s rights issues she tackled in the White House and the people around the world she helped as first lady.

Massa’s $40,000 Ill-Timed Check

The saga of Rep. Eric Massa keeps getting worse for the former lawmaker. The Washington Post reported Friday that Massa wrote a $40,000 check to his chief of staff from his campaign fund the day after he resigned. The move looks fairly questionable considering that Joe Racalto, his top congressional adviser, is alleged to have had previous knowledge about sexual harassment complaints by staffers and tried to handle the accusations internally rather than reporting Massa. (Racalto’s lawyer told the Post the check was for months of work on Massa’s reelection campaign.)...

Sarah Palin: No Hockey Mom

Although she lost the election, Sarah Palin has certainly come out ahead. ABC News reported Tuesday that the governor turned media star had raked in more than $12 million since July from various speaking engagements, television contracts, and her book, Going Rogue. Several hours later, California state Sen. Leland Yee revealed pages believed to be from Palin’s speech contract with the California State University’s Stanislaus Foundation (where Palin will speak at a gala this summer) that were found in a Dumpster by several students. Palin’s high cost, and her high demands, have concerned lawmakers in a state struggling with sweeping budget cuts. ...

Protesting Glenn Beck, one haiku at a time

Rather than marching with bucket drums and waving signs in the streets, the Jewish Fund for Justice is taking to the tweets—or, ah, Twitter—to protest Glenn Beck’s inflammatory remarks comparing social justice religious groups with communism or Nazism. The group is calling for protesters to tweet haikus to Beck’s Twitter account and inundate the talk-show host with quippy poetry for 24 hours by posting a new haiku every minute. The “Twitterstorm” will end Wednesday at 9 p.m. Here are some of our own @GlennBeck tweet haikus: With tears running downhis maudlin face, Glenn Beck iscrying to the bank Beck hates religionso, at least he is not anew Pat Buchanan Who would have thought thatJews might find comparisons toNazis offensive

A Ticket for Rush?

You might remember Rush Limbaugh’s highly publicized promise that if health-care reform became law, he’d move out of the country. “I don't know. I'll just tell you this, if this passes and it's five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented—I am leaving the country. I'll go to Costa Rica,” he told his audience on March 9....