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  • nm-nm0429-grove-scheindlin-tease

    The Mayor vs. the Judge

    In a fight over the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” tactics, Bloomberg takes on the referee in what she calls a “below-the-belt attack.”
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  • Grove Abramson

    Good Jill, Bad Jill

    Newsweek profiled Jill Abramson, who was fired yesterday as executive editor of The New York Times, in a July 2013 cover story
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  • nm-grove-nm0627-leno-tease

    The Twilight of Jay Leno

    Why would NBC replace him when he’s still so dominant?
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  • Chris Chocola

    Chris Chocola

    A conservative ‘macher’ scarier than the fiscal cliff.
  • Wins and Fails

    Wins & Fails

    Millions of miles. Billions of dollars. At last, campaign 2012 is over. A look back at the careers made and broken by an epic journey.
  • ken-feinberg-co01

    Kenneth Feinberg

    America’s go-to guy in calculating life’s worth.
  • dan-rather-nb60-groove

    Dan Rather’s White Whale

    The man once called ‘the face of CBS News’ is still battling his old network. Lloyd Grove on the anchorman’s autobiography.
  • Newt Gingrich 2012

    Newt’s Days of Rage

    He's been buried by an avalanche of attack ads, and outspent 5-1 but that's when Gingrich is most dangerous.
  • bratton-CO03

    Why Can't We Just Get Along

    Bill Bratton quelled turf wars as ‘America’s Top Cop.’ His new book explores why collaboration beats conflict.
  • kelly-ayotte-NB20

    Sen. Kelly Ayotte Speaks Out

    The conservative junior senator from New Hampshire, dubbed the “Granite Grizzly” by Sarah Palin, explains why her two young children are more mature than her grown-up colleagues.
  • ian-schrager-nb20

    Interview: Ian Schrager

    What the hip hotelier thinks of the economy—and Obama’s reelection prospects.
  • bob-schieffer-nb20

    Interview: Bob Schieffer

    At 74, the new king of the Sunday shows calls himself an ‘old man.’ Here’s what keeps him in the hunt.
  • alan-grayson-nb20

    Alan Grayson Strikes Back

    The liberal firebrand ex-congressman from Disney World, is running for a new House seat representing Orlando.
  • Bill Maher

    Mad As Bill

    Wall Street is occupied. Bipartisan rage is flying. And HBO's Bill Maher says, What took you so long?
  • chris-matthews-nb20-grove

    Chris Matthews

    The ‘Hardball’ host talks about his new JFK book, why Hillary Clinton makes him giggle, and Nixon made him cry.
  • carlos-slim-nb20

    Carlos Slim

    The Mexican telecom tycoon, says what’s wrong with the economy.
  • joe-mcginniss-grove-box

    Sarah’s Nosy Neighbor

    Joe McGinniss' gossipy new book has riled the Palins—and rallied her fans.
  • alec-baldwin-nb20

    Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin reveals why he loves his girlfriend but hates one barista.
  • murdoch-Rebekah-Brooks-fe020-grove-wide.jpg

    Rupert’s Red Menace

    The rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks, the woman at the heart of the scandal that has rocked a media empire.
  • foreign-policy-firstreport-CO04-wide

    'Fat Redneck' for President

    Iowa likes Haley Barbour, who’s set to announce his 2012 plans. In the huge GOP field, don’t bet against him.
  • conrad

    Senator Conrad’s Last Gasp

    The Senate Budget Committee chairman announced his retirement—freeing him to tackle the deficit without politics interfering. Lloyd Grove talks to him about his chances—and Obama’s reluctance to help.