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    The Comeback Queen

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has deftly used domestic and international crises to turn her declining popularity around.
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    Maids and Masters

    No one has more domestic servants than the Brazilians. But a new law is designed to move those downstairs upward.
  • Face-off: Heartthrob Ricardo Darin vs. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

    Showbiz Showdown

    A war of words between their president and their 
biggest screen idol has mesmerized Argentines.
  • Brazil, Sao Paulo, August 27, 2011.

    The Brazilian Decade

    From the catwalk to the campaign trail, this stylish, self-confident nation of 197 million will shape Latin America in 2013 and beyond.
  • Griselda Blanco

    Griselda Blanco

    Frumpy and short, with a double-barreled chin, she could have passed for the grandmother next door. But no one called Griselda Blanco a golden-ager. The 69-year-old Colombian made her name notching up felonies from drugrunning to multiple murders. Drive-by shootings were her calling card. On the way up, the “Godmother” also made enemies and apparently one of them caught up with her last week in Medellín. Blanco was out running errands in her hometown, shopping at a neighborhood butcher shop, when a man on a motorcycle pulled up and shot her twice in the head with a large gun before speeding away. Blanco’s pregnant ex-daughter-in-law, who saw the whole thing, placed a Bible on Blanco’s chest as she bled to death. The $165 of meat she’d just purchased fell on the pavement.
  • Brazil Lula

    Lula Returns

    Brazil’s favorite son is cancer-free. But will he run for office?
  • Carlos Fuentes

    Remembering Carlos Fuentes

    The passionate novelist was Latin America’s literary father. But Mac Margolis says his footprint stretches far beyond literature.
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    A Henchman Comes Clean

    In the chilly 'Memories of a Dirty War', Cláudio Guerra recalls his days in Brazil's military dictatorship. By Mac Margolis.
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    Bolaño's Literary Ghost

    Even ‘The Secret of Evil,' a posthumous collection of essays and short stories by the great Chilean writer, haunts the field. By Mac Margolis.