Marlow Stern

Stories by Marlow Stern

  • stern lauda

    Almost Fatal

    Legendary Formula One racer Niki Lauda on the season that nearly killed him.
    European Edition Version
  • stern grandmaster

    The Martial Artist

    Zhang Ziyi on saying no to Hollywood, Chinese taboos, and being the new face of kung fu.
    European Edition Version
  • stern shailene

    The Spectacular Shailene

    Two years after ‘The Descendants,’ the actress finds her next passion project.
    European Edition Version
  • Stern Chvrches

    Addicted to Pop

    You won’t be able to turn off this trio from Glasgow.
    European Edition Version
  • stern whedon

    Joss Whedon’s Passion Project

    The producer-director on Shakespeare, female superheroes, and what pisses him off about the industry.
    European Edition Version
  • stern music

    Pussy Riot Strikes Again

    Freed from prison, a member of the feminist collective sets the record straight.
    European Edition Version
  • stern ms mr

    Meet MS MR

    The New York pop duo sure sounds like the next Florence and the Machine.
    European Edition Version
  • stern-culture0118-driver-main-tease

    Adam Driver’s So-Called Life

    The romantic antihero of ‘Girls’ is poised to be the next indie heartthrob.
    European Edition Version
  • 130515-trek-culture0318-tease

    ‘Cumberbitches,’ Rejoice!

    In Newsweek, the actor talks to Marlow Stern about kicking butt, meditation—and playing Julian Assange.
    European Edition Version
  • stern mcconaughey

    Matthew’s ‘McConnaissance’

    What’s next for the man whose motto is ‘just keep livin’? The ‘Mud’ star gets serious with Marlow Stern.
  • stern michael bay

    Michael Bay, Transformed?

    The ‘Pain and Gain’ director on Roger Ebert, George Lucas, and easing up a bit. By Marlow Stern in Newsweek.
  • stern-fe0405-rooney-tease

    Fifty Shades Of Rooney

    In Hollywood—land of a million pretty young things—Rooney Mara has directors lining up to capture her icy demeanor and her inner fire.
  • Mid-Sundance Check-In

    Sundance Gets Steamy!

    BDSM, orgies, porn, ménages à quatres, and more. What is up with Park City this year? By Marlow Stern.
  • Ain't Them Bodies Saints

    Sundance 13 for ’13

    Check out these don’t-miss flicks debuting at Park City’s annual festival.
  • Tavis Smiley, Quentin Tarantino

    ‘This Brother Needs Help’

    Tavis Smiley sounds off on Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ and how it flubs the history of American slavery.
  • Kristen Stewart

    The Mad One

    Kristen Stewart goes on the road with Kerouac. By Marlow Stern.
  • Marion Cotillard

    A Beautiful Mind

    Marion Cotillard on motherhood, the 1 percent, and her ‘Rust and Bone’ role that will make you do a double take.
  • Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd’s Danger Zone

    The actor delivers a knockout turn as a Christian evangelical whose life spirals out of control in ‘Grace,’ a new Broadway play.
  • goosbumps-stine-om01-main-tease

    ‘Goosebumps’ Forever

    Twenty years and 350 million copies later, R.L. Stine tells Marlow Stern he's not 'a training bra for Stephen King.'
  • morgan-freeman-OM02

    Morgan Freeman: The Brains of Batman

    The acclaimed actor opens up to Marlow Stern about ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ legalizing marijuana, and the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes rumors.
  • emma-stone-om03

    Emma Stone, Revealed

    ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ star on her reality-TV origins, Ryan Gosling, and creating a teen advice column.
  • spiderman-stern-om02c

    Spider-Man 2.0

    Rebranding the webslinger for 2012.
  • spiderman-stern-om02c

    Spider-Man 2.0

    Rebranding the webslinger for 2012.
  • movie-heroines-om03-stern

    She'll Rough You Up

    Move over, Angelina. Gina Carano is the latest female warrior to grace the big screen.
  • drake-rap-om01-tease

    Drake Sounds Off

    As his latest album drops, Drake, the world’s only Jewish Canadian rapper, sounds off on his unlikely ascension into the mainstream.