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    How badly did the U.S. government bungle the investigation of Wen Ho Lee, the ex-Los Alamos scientist once suspected of turning over the country's most prized nuclear secrets to China? Last year federal prosecutors dropped most of the charges against Lee and permitted him to walk free after a federal judge said the government's case had "embarrassed our entire nation." But the most damning evidence about the Lee probe has been buried in a top-secret Justice Department report by federal prosecutor Randy Bellows. Some details of the report have begun to leak out. Last week NEWSWEEK obtained an exclusive copy of a 22-page (and recently declassified) executive summary. In it, the veteran prosecutor rips into top officials of both the FBI and Justice for what he describes as a "dysfunctional relationship" on counter-intelligence investigations. As for the Lee probe, Bellows writes, "in virtually every material respect" it was "deeply and fundamentally flawed."Bellows lambastes Energy...