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    Are S.C. Dems Stuck With Alvin Greene?

    Accusations have arisen that Democratic South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene was a GOP plant. The party has asked him to withdraw, but so far the unemployed 32-year-old has refused. Can the Dems kick him off the ballot anyway?
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    How Clinton and Bush Would Have Handled Oil Spill

    Obama's taken considerable heat for his handling of the BP disaster. But would recent past presidents have done any better? Historians offer some lessons for the current Oval Office occupant.
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    Gambling and the Great Recession in New Jersey

    The Great Recession has brought more bad luck. According to a recent report by the American Gaming Association, casinos—a supposedly recession-proof sin business—shed revenue in 2008 and ’09. That’s the first two-year decline since the industry went national in 1978, and it hit the traditional gambling hubs hardest. Nevada suffered the steepest plunge in state history (more than 10 percent last year), while New Jersey slid about 13 percent, as more than a third of Atlantic City’s casinos declared bankruptcy.
  • What Blago's Trial Really Means for Obama

    If there's one thing the Obama administration doesn't need today, it's the Rod Blagojevich trial reminding people of what "Chicago-style politics" are all about.
  • Dissecting the ACORN ‘Pimp’s’ New Census Video

    The conservative activist who brought down ACORN earlier this year with a pimp hat and a hidden camera is at it again. His target this time around: the U.S. Census. Apparently, James O’Keefe got a job as a census worker in New Jersey and secretly recorded his training, along with conversations with various supervisors.
  • Meet the Tea Party's 'Messiah' and the GOP's Headache

    Here at The Gaggle, we have been so caught up in reporting on Rand Paul that we've neglected to tell you about another anti-establishment Tea Party candidate who has the Republican nomination within his grasp....
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    Obama to Send 1,200 Troops to Mexico Border

    An Arizona lawmaker has released a statement saying that the Obama administration will soon deploy up to 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. The decision is part of a bigger plan for securing the border.
  • EXCLUSIVE: One Of The Heroes Behind the MetaFilter Human-Trafficking Rescue Speaks Out

    Late Wednesday night, Kathrine Gutierrez Hinds, 24, came across a frightening story—unfolding in real time on an online message board—about two young Russian women who, by the looks of it, were about to unwittingly become hostesses at a seedy nightclub. Now, less than 48 hours later, they are sleeping in her Chelsea apartment in Manhattan, and she is trying to keep them safe while helping them figure out their next move. In an exclusive interview with NEWSWEEK, she tells her story, which, unfortunately, isn’t over yet. ...
  • Arne Duncan Dodges Standardized Test Question

    Secretary Arne Duncan went on CNN this morning to promote the Department of Education's newly expanded Teacher Incentive Fund, which will award $437 million in grants to educators who markedly improve student performance. The measuring stick? According to an official DOE press release, the proposed incentive plans must "use fair and transparent evaluations based on multiple measures including student growth." ...
  • Is Beau Biden Too Young to Have a Stroke? Sadly, No.

    As reported on The Gaggle earlier today, Vice President Joe Biden's eldest son, Beau, was admitted to a hospital today after suffering what doctors believe to be a mild stroke. A White House statement released shortly after the news broke said Beau was "fully alert, in stable condition and has full motor and speech skills." No additional information has been made available, but Dr. Irene Katzan, director of the Primary Stroke Care Center at the Cleveland Clinic, told NEWSWEEK that given Biden's quick recovery, he likely suffered an ischemic stroke, in which an artery to the brain somehow becomes blocked, cutting off blood flow and oxygen supply. (A more serious form of stroke occurs when a blood vessel breaks completely, and blood seeps into the brain.)...
  • Moderate Republicans Continue Getting Fenced In

    It doesn't take long to arrive at the political metaphor so graciously provided by that "danged fence" John McCain suddenly wants to build: the Tea Party has erected an ideological barrier, and if you're a moderate Republican running for reelection, don't even think about crossing it. You wouldn't know it by watching his new campaign commercial, but McCain actually used to be pretty moderate on the immigration issue. In 2005, he cosponsored an immigration reform bill with Ted Kennedy that would have granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (it failed in the Senate). And in 2007, he told Vanity Fair that building a fence on the Mexican border would be ineffective, but added, "I'll build the goddamned fence if they want it." But now that McCain is running against an ultraconservative talk-radio host in the Republican primary, he is exposing his insecurities with embarrassing "tough talk." Although in this case, it's...
  • If Utah Elects Its First Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 40 Years, Thank the Tea Party

    Tea Partiers weren't the only ones happy to see Sen. Bob Bennett lose Utah's Republican nomination on Saturday: plenty of Democrats in the state were elated as well. Why? Because even though the 3,500 delegates in Utah's GOP convention didn't like Bennett, the majority of the electorate still did. Polling suggests that if the three-term incumbent had secured the nomination, voters almost certainly would have sent him back to Washington. ...
  • Oil Makes Landfall as BP Preps Containment Dome

    A sheen of oil from the BP spill has made its first confirmed landfall, washing ashore an uninhabited island beach in Louisiana. The most recent projections by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show oil sheen and tarballs—not necessarily the brunt of the oil slick, but rather a less-toxic runoff—threatening the Mississippi barrier islands over the next 72 hours. As was reported yesterday, the oil slick is predicted to move westward, and will likely reach coastal areas west of the Mississippi River soon. ...
  • Red Lobster Faring Just Fine in the Post-Spill World

    It remains unclear exactly how much damage BP's oil spill will do to the aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico, but if you're worried about one of the worst environmental disasters in decades cutting into your $11.99 "festival of shrimp," you can rest easy. It turns out some of the country's most popular seafood restaurants have placed more emphasis on the second syllable of "seafood" rather than the first....
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    Christopher Hitchens vs. the Pope: Blogs Respond to the Idea of a Papal Arrest

    Last week, NEWSWEEK published an essay by Christopher Hitchens calling for the pope to be subpoenaed or even detained for questioning in the Catholic Church’s child-abuse scandal. His argument—which he has made loudly and often in the past few weeks—has drawn no small amount of attention. Not content to rest on his rhetoric, he and scientist Richard Dawkins have approached lawyers about producing a case against the Holy See. ...