Melik Kaylan

Stories by Melik Kaylan


    Hellbent for Election

    Will scandalous videos and a newly unified opposition undo Georgia’s president Saakashvili?
  • ottoman-culture-kaylan-embed

    Ottoman Delight

    Melik Kaylan on Nurhan Atasoy’s new history, which examines the eastern empire’s influence on European culture.

    Islam’s Pixie Provocateur

    Irshad Manji is challenging Muslims to “drop the groupthink” and follow their consciences.
  • Hatay Turkey

    Turkey’s Sacred Ruins

    A haven for war-torn refugees, the province of Hatay has an Ancient sanctity and an oddly occidental style.
  • ottomon-empire-melik-OV12-vl

    Chronicling the Caliphate

    The Ottoman Empire’s greatest travel writer captured a peak moment in Islamic civilization.
  • turkey-OV61-wide

    Land of Promise, Land of Loss

    Turkey’s seaside town of Tarabya is a microcosm of a nation now straddling its past and the heady future.
  • tiger-mom-book-tease

    A Tiger Education: Strict Has Always Meant Success

    The controversy Amy Chua ignited with her new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, has now gone global, sparking debates from Hong Kong to New York about the pros and cons of ultrastrict mothering. Chua’s revelations about the harsh measures she employed to force her daughters to master musical compositions have raised hackles, not least because she identifies the approach as a kind of archetypal Chinese-mother syndrome.