Michael Daly

Stories by Michael Daly

  • daly-OM01-lucky-guy-hanks-main-tease

    Tabloid Man

    Nora Ephron’s last work comes to Broadway.
  • Sandy

    A Boatful of Angels

    The firefighters of Swift Water Team 6 found themselves rescuing people from a rooftop engulfed in flames—and surrounded by the flood.
  • tom-cruise-co04-daly-main-tease

    Father Tom?

    Long before Scientology, Cruise studied for the priesthood.
  • daisy-ad-CO03

    Flower Power

    “Daisy Girl,” all grown up and not watching TV.
  • corzine-fe01-daly

    Where's the Money, Jon?

    With the collapse of MF Global, Jon Corzine stands in the middle of the missing-billion-dollar crossfire.
  • herman-cain-biography-tease

    Citizen Cain

    Meet the rising GOP star who is confounding the pundits and much of black America.
  • angry-america-co01-daly

    The Face of Anger

    The Wall Street protesters are being called 21st-Century hippies. But their growing outrage is real—and they look a lot like the rest of us.
  • death-penalty-fe08-daly

    I Committed Murder

    For the anonymous executioners of death row, the pulling of the lever is often followed by doubt.