Michael Moynihan

Stories by Michael Moynihan

  • Newsweek_Cover_skeptics_3_web

    The Bullshit Police

    Inside a brilliant, nerdy, arrogant, sort of admirable, sort of insufferable movement that questions everything—and wants to upend the way you live and think.
    European Edition Version
  • 130619-moynihan-cu0423-orwell-tease

    Sorry, It’s Not 1984

    Why we’re not living in Orwell’s dystopia.
    European Edition Version
  • Newsmaker Snowden

    Spying as They Like it

    The scary contradictions of the NSA mess.
    European Edition Version
  • Moynihan Hacker

    You’re Being Hacked

    Cyberspies are everywhere. But who are they helping?
    European Edition Version
  • moynihan-NB10-harry-reems-main-tease

    All for $100

    The eventful life of Harry Reems.
  • moynihan-NB10-boy-scouts-main-tease

    Knotty Boys

    The Scouts finally earn their tolerance badge.
  • sandy-cops-NB-main-tease

    Cops Defend Their Precinct

    A Coney Island police house is inundated with water, forcing New York’s finest to improvise a daring escape.
  • tom-wolfe-OM02-main-tease

    Miami’s Bloody Streets

    Race, art, and crime seethe in Tom Wolfe’s new portrait of a metropolis. By Michael Moynihan.