Michele Ingrassia

Stories by Michele Ingrassia

  • Dress For Success

    Designer Cynthia Rowley doesn't have red hair, but there's something about her that inevitably evokes comparisons to Lucille Ball. Maybe it's her angular face, which she's forever scrunching in displays of mock horror. Maybe it's her '50s-style showroom, with furniture the color of gumdrops. Or maybe it's her sitcom sense of adventure, which prompted her to pose for a recent NewsWEEK photo session hanging, like some little frock, from a dress rack. Even Rowley admits she can't escape her Lucy-ness: "My life's like the chocolate-factory episode-the one where she can't wrap it fast enough. That's how I feel on Seventh Avenue. I'm not all-professional and glamorous, like a designer. It's like, how did I get here? This has a life of its own that I'm trying to keep up with." ...
  • Calvin's World

    America's Best-Known Designer Drops His Controversial 'Kiddie Porn' Ads Under Pressure. He's Poised To Expand His Empire Worldwide, But Will His Shock Tactics Still Sell?
  • The Author Nobody's Met

    Anthony Godby Johnson grew up in a world so depraved that it staggers even those calloused to the headlines about child abuse. His parents denied him a bed, a toothbrush and sustenance of any kind, be it scraps of food or a single Christmas present. He says they beat him and allowed their friends to rape him. Four years ago, at the age of 11 and on the verge of suicide, Tony fled into the arms of a hot-line counselor and a New York City woman who, together, sheltered him and then adopted him. Just when he thought he had found happiness, Tony learned he was dying of AIDS. More harrowing than Dickens, more surreal than Kafka, Tony's story is all the more compelling because it's true. ...