Stories by Newsweek Staff

  • What Lies Beneath

    What Lies Beneath

    The expansion of the Panama Canal has proved to be a gold mine for paleontologists
  • Too Big to Jail

    Too Big to Jail

    Bankers behind the subprime collapse are lucky Congress and the White House refused to call in the one man who knows how to nail them
  • That Nesting Instinct

    That Nesting Instinct

    The fire alarm system that allows you to monitor potential emergencies remotely without flying home
  • The Final Final Word

    The Final Final Word

    In a fitting subject for his last book, Peter Matthiessen tackled the Holocaust
  • Sermon on the Mounted

    Sermon on the Mounted

    The annual Taxidermy Contest is like the Miss America Pageant on acid…and a lot of formaldehyde
  • The Biggest Chill

    The Biggest Chill

    The Cold Atom Laboratory will be the coldest place in the entire universe
  • Your Drugs Are Talking About You

    Your Drugs Are Talking About You

    Smarter, digitized prescriptions will help sick people get well faster and might even keep the rest of us out of sick bay
  • A North Korean Birthday

    A North Korean Birthday

    North Korean soldiers prepare to take a commemorative photograph in front of a flower exhibition featuring North Korea's late founder Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang, on the 102nd birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung.
  • Forest Fire Rips Through Chilean City

    Forest Fire Rips Through Chilean City

    A resident reacts at the location where a forest fire burned several neighborhoods in the hills in Valparaiso Chile, on April 13, 2014.
  • Netherlands in Bloom

    Netherlands in Bloom

    Aerial view of flower fields near the Keukenhof park, also known as the Garden of Europe, in Lisse, Netherlands, April 9, 2014.
  • Turning a Corner?

    Turning a Corner?

    Herat, Afghanistan—Women lined up to vote in Afghanistan’s presidential election on April 5. Turnout was high—about 7 million people participated—and although some polling stations were targeted and there were a few roadside bombs, the Taliban did not wage a large attack.
  • The Art of War

    The Art of War

    It’s hard to find space for art when a trip to the store could end in death by car bomb
  • These Colors Don’t Run

    These Colors Don’t Run

    Killeen, Texas-Melissa Phillips and others walk in a memorial for the victims of a shooting at Fort Hood earlier this month.
  • Genocide’s Ghosts

    Genocide’s Ghosts

    Kigali, Rwanda-The faces of those killed 20 years ago during Rwanda's genocide are captured in photographs on display in the Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum.
  • Small Steps Toward Higher Wages

    Small Steps Toward Higher Wages

    Washington, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democratic principals leave a news conference last week in which they pushed for an increase in the nation's minimum wage.
  • Afghanistan Votes

    Afghanistan Votes

    Afghan women wait to cast their ballot at a polling station in Mazar-i-sharif April 5, 2014.
  • A Military Town Mourns

    A Military Town Mourns

    Flags in front of the Central Christian Church in Killeen, Texas, on April 3, 2014, where the Fort Hood Army Base is located. Three people were killed and 16 more wounded in a mass shooting—the second on the base in 5 years.
  • Wind turbines

    2014 Newsweek Green Rankings Methodology

    The project ranks the 500 largest publicly-traded companies in the United States (the U.S. 500) and the 500 largest publicly-traded companies globally (the Global 500) on overall environmental performance.
  • A Long Strange Trip

    A Long Strange Trip

    The first clinical trial of LSD in over 40 years points to a new way to treat anxiety
  • Smoke Signals

    Smoke Signals

    Pohang, South Korea-South Korean landing craft run a gantlet of fire and smoke during military exercises with the U.S. Monday.
  • A Muddy Grave

    A Muddy Grave

    Oso, Wash.—A rescuer wades into the floodwaters on Route 530 a week after a devastating mudslide engulfed an entire community. More than 20 people were killed, and at least 30 remain missing.
  • Hand of Protest

    Hand of Protest

    Cairo-An Egyptian soldier, armed with rubber bullets, takes aim at one of the protesters demonstrating against the sentencing of 529 people to death in Minya for taking part in 2013 protests in which a police officer was killed.
  • Palace Guard

    Palace Guard

    Moscow-Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to an attentive military audience at the Kremlin. On Monday he announced he would pull some Russian troops away from the Ukrainian border.