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  • Elizabeth-Warren-co06players

    Dodd-Frank: The Players

    Elizabeth Warren: Brain behind consumer-protection agency, law professor is vilified by Dodd-Frank foes, a hero to Democrats.      
  • nancy-grace-my01-wide

    My Favorite Mistake

    Nancy Grace on putting her life on hold after her fiancé’s murder.
  • david-cameron-co07side

    World Web

    Who's Who in the News of the World Scandal
  • Bulger-nb01

    June 23, 2011: Los Angeles

    After 16 years on the lam, notorious Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger was done in by his girlfriend’s smile.
  • diana-at-50-causes-FE02-wide.jpg

    Diana's Causes Live On

    A list of the late Princess' favorite charities--and their current status.
  • mymistake-Anthony-Bourdain-my01-wide

    My Favorite Mistake

    Anthony Bourdain on the wild life that killed his culinary career.
  • 2011-half-year-report-FE06-intro

    2011 Halftime Report

    Earthshaking disasters, GOP chaos, a royal wedding, bin laden's burial--and Charlie Sheen. A tour of this year's madcap first six months, and our take on the stories that have made 2011 such a wild ride so far.
  • Alexandra-Pelosi-nb02-dana

    Alexandra Pelosi

    The documentarian talks about lazy Americans, philandering politicians, and why her mother will never sext.
  • immigrant-sidebar-FE01-wide

    Immigrants = Jobs

    There’s a simple way to get Americans back to work: Make it easy for talented foreigners to come here and hire them.
  • mininum-wage-fe01sided

    The Real Minimum Wage

    Those without jobs are often willing to work for far less than $7.25. NEWSWEEK chronicles how low they will go.
  • empire-jobs-fe01sidea.jpg

    Empire State of Jobs

    The Empire State Building recently received an ecofriendly makeover, which will reduce energy costs by millions.
  • bipolar-child-kaplan-fe04

    Don't Read These Symptoms the Wrong Way

    In evaluating a child’s behavior, many psychiatrists will view these symptoms as evidence of bipolar disorder, but author Stuart L. Kaplan, M.D., sees other explanations.
  • hiring-squad-fe01sideb

    Clinton's Hiring Squad

    Business leaders, nonprofit directors, lawmakers, and academics will discuss jobs at next week’s CGI summit.
  • Obamas-Priorities-feo1sidec

    Obama's Priorities

    After meeting with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council in North Carolina last week, President Obama said that former president Clinton will help spearhead a national effort to create jobs by offering incentives to building owners to invest in energy-efficient upgrades.
  • want-om04-shoes

    Outdoor Bliss

    Summer slip-ons, a great picnic wagon, and the chicest surfboard on the beach.
  • natural-resources-OVNB03

    Got Water?

    Our warming planet is expected to face successive crop and water crises in the coming decades—which means each nation’s natural resources will be more crucial than ever.
  • geek-kings-NB40-intro

    Big Fat Story: The Geek Kings

    We may be in the middle of another tech bubble, but these guys don't feel it. From Groupon's $750million IPO to Ashton Kutcher's investment group, meet today's tech tycoons.
  • hotel-etiquette-business-traveler-inline01.jpg

    Today’s Hotel Etiquette

    Guests are on edge, management is scared: the new rules for an industry under siege.
  • concert-economy-DataBeast-wide1

    The Concert-Tour Economy

    Bonnaroo kicks off the summer music season on June 9 in Manchester, Tenn. Here’s a breakdown of how the music business is faring in the recession.
  • book-of-mormon-FE01photo-wide

    Mormons Take the Stage

    The Book of Mormon once inspired persecution. Today it’s the inspiration behind a hit Broadway musical.