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    Immigrants = Jobs

    There’s a simple way to get Americans back to work: Make it easy for talented foreigners to come here and hire them.
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    The Real Minimum Wage

    Those without jobs are often willing to work for far less than $7.25. NEWSWEEK chronicles how low they will go.
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    Empire State of Jobs

    The Empire State Building recently received an ecofriendly makeover, which will reduce energy costs by millions.
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    Outdoor Bliss

    Summer slip-ons, a great picnic wagon, and the chicest surfboard on the beach.
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    Got Water?

    Our warming planet is expected to face successive crop and water crises in the coming decades—which means each nation’s natural resources will be more crucial than ever.
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    Big Fat Story: The Geek Kings

    We may be in the middle of another tech bubble, but these guys don't feel it. From Groupon's $750million IPO to Ashton Kutcher's investment group, meet today's tech tycoons.
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    The Concert-Tour Economy

    Bonnaroo kicks off the summer music season on June 9 in Manchester, Tenn. Here’s a breakdown of how the music business is faring in the recession.
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    Mormons Take the Stage

    The Book of Mormon once inspired persecution. Today it’s the inspiration behind a hit Broadway musical.
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    Today’s Hotel Etiquette

    Guests are on edge, management is scared: the new rules for an industry under siege.
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    Remembering Jack Kevorkian

    Death finally came for his greatest advocate, “Dr. Death,” the provocateur who devoted most of his 83 years to crusading for physician-assisted suicide.
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    Tough Times for Graduates

    A look at the low pay, rare jobs, and sky-high debt facing the class of 2011.
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    May 25, 2011: Paris

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg peeks out of a chauffeured car upon arriving at the Élysée Palace for the G8 summit. Zuckerberg, who usually slumps around Silicon Valley in jeans and sandals, got all gussied up, donning a rare suit and tie before delivering a thundering speech to world political and business leaders. The Zuck discussed Facebook’s role in the Arab Spring and argued against Internet regulations proposed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, saying, “You can’t isolate some things you like about the Internet and control other things you don’t.”
  • The First Mates Club

    Behind every good candidate is a great spouse. How do these GOP partners measure up?
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    The First Mates Club

    Behind every good candidate is a great spouse. How do these GOP partners measure up?
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    States of Emergency

    Environmental disasters are plaguing the United States. While one governor prays for help, things are turning biblical from the bone-dry fields of Texas to the storm-blown Southeast.
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    Don't Dis My Sequel!

    We ask some of the summer’s biggest celebrities to defend their newest retreads.
  • America's Most Sleep-Deprived Place

    Forget the drowsy air-traffic controllers. What are the places that most need a nap? THE DAILY BEAST crunched data provided by Experian Simmons on the number of people who have insomnia or sleep disorders and use pain relievers to combat it.
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    May 11, 2011: New York City

    Former hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam leaves court after he was convicted on all counts of fraud and conspiracy in Wall Street's biggest insider trading trial for years, in New York, on May 11, 2011
  • Timeline: Magic Johnson's Winning Streak

    Earvin Johnson Jr. earned his nickname on the team of Everett High School in Lansing, Mich. And ever since—whether it’s in basketball, in business, or in battling HIV—he has played to win.