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  • Sonia Faleiro Beautiful Thing

    11 Books You Might Have Missed

    Here are the 2012 fiction and nonfiction books that might have flown under the radar—but shouldn't have.
  • mistake-ang-lee-MY01-main-tease

    Ang Lee

    The ‘Life of Pi’ director on his greatest balancing act.
  • Election Rehab

    Election Rehab

    Twenty cultural events tailor-made for recovering political addicts.
  • sandy-chris-christie-NB-main-tease

    New Jersey’s Muscle

    We knew before last week that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was a wily politician—a brash, at times bullying figure whose tone was nonetheless in tune, for the most part, with the state he’s led since January 2010. What Hur­ricane Sandy proved was that Christie is a master anti-politician as well. As he ran the response, toured the wreckage, and comforted residents who lost their homes in the storm, he turned the full blast of his fire-hydrant personality on anyone who dared to talk politics at a time like this. Asked if bit concerned or interest­ed.” He described Obama as “incredibly support­ive,” then embraced him on the tarmac in Atlantic City. Not everyone was happy about Christie putting politics on pause right before the election. “Is it wrong for one man to love another man?” Rush Limbaugh asked, mocking the bipartisan disaster response. But then Limbaugh had posed the same question back in 2010. His answer then? “Because I love Chris Christie.” For most of us last week, the...
  • Green-Wood Cemetery

    Tombstone Tourism

    In the last decade, people across the country have begun flocking to these old necropolises, lured by everything from photography workshops to movies.
  • Bing West

    The War Game

    Replicating a meeting of the Principals Committee—the team the president relies on for recommendations about matters of the highest importance—the simulation sought to answer what might happen if the Israelis strike Iran before the November election?
  • wyclef-jean-my01

    Wyclef Jean

    On a very, very baaaad goat.
  • Jeff Probst

    Jeff Probst

    On becoming a relationship guru.
  • va-claims-embed

    Interactive Map Tracking Wait Time For Veterans’ Disability Claims

    This map, created by the Center for Investigative Reporting, displays 58 VA regional offices and the number of backlogged claims by week on a national, regional and local level. This application will update itself every Monday to show each office's change in pending claims.
  • top-Sororities -collegerankings

    25 Top Sororities

    Newsweek ranks national sororities based on social media prominence and national campus footprint.
  • top-fraternities-collegerankings

    25 Top Fraternities

    Newsweek crunches the numbers to determine the most prominent and philanthropic fraternities.
  • Daniel

    Best Eats: North America

    A French pleasure palace, rock-and-roll noodles, and low-country cookin.’
  • Dom

    Best Eats: Latin America

    Caribbean home cooking, midnight taco trucks, and a Peruvian ceviche wizard.
  • Bernard Loiseau

    Best Eats: Europe

    Meaty Spanish treats, a Swedish locavore, and deep-fried polenta.
  • shooting-movie-theater-fate-pelisek-shapiro

    Tales From Theater 9

    Nearly two weeks after the shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado, details are still emerging about what happened.
  • the-long-road-to-antietam-om04

    Brainy Beach Reads

    Skip your standard thriller and pack something deliciously enlightening. Newsweek picks eight books that will teach you something.
  • green-rankings-logo

    Green Rankings Methodology Webinar

    In June, Newsweek and its research partners (Trucost and Sustainalytics) will be holding an online workshop for sustainability managers at the companies we are researching. In this webinar, we will go over the methodology and research process as well as answer questions. Further details and registration information will be posted on this page shortly. Please check back soon.