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  • steven-tyler-my01-kutruzzula

    Steven Tyler

    Aerosmith's frontman Steven Tyler shares his favorite mistake: blowing money on clothes in the early days and dressing a little bit like a lady (thanks to Janis Joplin).
  • nb50-newsmakers


    HBO's ill-fated horse-racing drama, Whitney Houston's family helps Oprah, and more
  • rod-blagojevich-nb51


    Charlize Theron adopts, Rod Blagojevich starts his prison sentence and more.
  • glenn-close-my01

    Glenn Close

    On not wearing street clothes if you want to be a royal.
  • Cairo


    Ahdaf Soueif pens a love letter to Egypt’s capital after years of silence.
  • Drew Barrymore

    What a Zoo, Drew

    She rescues whales in Big Miracle, out Feb. 3. Here, Drew Barrymore chooses her favorite movies with beastly stars.
  • Euro

    Crisis On The Continent

    As economic contagion continues in Europe, and with the future of the euro imperiled, Newsweek asked eight economists to describe the origin of the problem facing the single currency and what would happen if the euro were abolished.
  • phil-glass-my01

    My Favorite Mistake

    Composer Philip Glass on shattering his idea of an artist’s life.
  • the-city-colombo-shehan-karunatilaka-OV50-tease

    Colombo on the Cusp

    Shehan Karunatilaka on a capital that straddles the beautiful and the banal.
  • data-romeny-nb52.png

    Put a Mitt In It!

    Romney rarely loses his composure--unless you interrupt him. Our guide to his outbursts.
  • espn-infrographic-fe03

    Broadcast Highs And Lows

    ESPN broke new ground, but some recent shows have tanked—in ethics and entertainment.
  • Obama Campaign Office

    A Who's Who Guide to Team Obama

    Obama is embarking on a historically challenging reelection run. He’ll need all the help he can get.
  • Joshua Bell

    Joshua Bell

    Violinist Joshua Bell on the mind game of performing.
  • 31-ways-get-smarter-smartphone

    31 Ways To Get Smarter In 2012

    Read stuff. Learn new languages. Master chess. Zone out. Getting a bigger brain is easier—and more fun—than you think.
  • Newsweek Cover

    A Year of Upheaval

    Even as 2012 gets underway, the world continues to be rocked by 2011’s big stories, from the epochal changes of the Arab Spring to the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster at Fukushima. Will pro-democracy protests topple dictatorships elsewhere in the world? Can China and Germany lead the rest of us out of the global economic crisis? Is Al Qaeda on its way to the dustbin at last, 10 long years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan? Stay tuned.
  • netflix-picks-om5-bird

    Brad Bird's 10 Favorite Winter Films

    Seasonal staples from the director of 'Ratatouille' who is hitting screens again this season with 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.'