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  • ben-kingsley-my01

    Ben Kingsley

    On the horror of being called ‘absolutely suburban.’
  • netflix-picks-om50-tease

    A-Lister's Film Picks

    Fight the seasonal blues with these movies hand-picked by Hollywood's finest. Grab the hot cocoa and hit "play."
  • paula-deen-my01

    Paula Deen

    On why she was afraid to leave her hometown.
  • columist-favorites-brown

    Our Favorite Books of the Year

    From Tina Brown to Simon Schama to Michelle Goldberg, Newsweek and Daily Beast contributors and writers pick their favorite books of the year.
  • cancer-fe05sidebar-cell

    The Road to a Cure

    Unlike current treatments that attack both cancer cells and the immune system, vaccines rally the body's natural immune system to eliminate tumors.
  • Obama

    Your Populist Crib Sheet

    Update America: Barack Obama just rebranded himself a champion of the middle class.
  • Political Back Stabbers

    The Back Stabber's Campaign

    With a year’s worth of jabs and parries remaining, this season’s political contest has already seen its share of betrayals. A guide to the most significant attacks.
  • want-winter-om04-intro

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    From a tabletop fireplace to the only shirt you’ll need on the weekend, Joe Zee recommends his winter essentials.
  • what-I-rented-tease-intro

    The Things I Rented

    Get a job? Yeah, right. There's a much quicker way to make a buck when the economy's in the tank.

    Who Will Pay?

    Tensions are ratcheting up around Occupy Wall Street. Here’s what it will mean for all the major players.
  • umberto-eco-OV13

    I Hate Therefore I Am

    Umberto Eco’s new book, ‘The Prague Cemetery,’ explores history’s deadliest hoax.
  • congress-fe08-intro-tease

    The Get-Rich Congress

    Every member of the House and Senate can trade stocks and make land deals while considering major bills. Our guide to eight who mixed business with governing.
  • America Elects

    How to Crowd Source a President

    It’s not hard to find Americans fed up with the two-party system—just witness the skyrocketing number of voters registered as independents.
  • Whacked!

    A slew of controversial characters took a hit last week.
  • fiscal-conservatives-darrell-issa_Page_1.jpg

    Fiscal Conservatives With a Taste for Pork: Darrell Issa

    House Reform and Government Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has questioned the need for the Energy Department’s clean energy efforts while seeking a loan from the program for a home-state electric car company. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarty has fashioned the GOP’s assault on Obama spending policies like the stimulus program while writing two letters seeking stimulus money for pet projects in his home state.
  • fiscal-conservatives-fred-upton-page-1.jpg

    Fiscal Conservatives With a Taste for Pork: Fred Upton

    House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton sought a loan guarantee for a Russian-backed Michigan company from the same program he is investigating as part of the Solyndra scandal.
  • fiscal-conservatives-eric-cantor_Page_01.jpg

    Fiscal Conservatives: Eric Cantor

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, sought money for the stimulus in private letters for projects like high-speed rail.
  • fiscal-conservatives-mike-enzi_Page_1.jpg

    Fiscal Conservatives With a Taste for Pork: Mike Enzi

    Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo, who has panned the stimulus as “bailout baloney,” wrote six letters seeking funding for a carbon capture and smart grid projects in his state funded by Obama’s clean energy program. Enzi’s son is working as a consultant on a part of the related project that benefitted from government money.
  • pork-letters-co05-sidebar

    The Dirty Dozen

    Newsweek’s investigation amassed a stack of lawmakers’ pork-seeking letters more than a foot high.
  • fiscal-conservatives-michelle-bachmann_Page_1.jpg

    Fiscal Conservatives With a Taste for Pork: Michele Bachmann

    Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., the founder of the Tea Party caucus in Congress and now a presidential contender, sought stimulus money for transportation projects in her distict while criticizing the stimulus as wasteful.
  • fiscal-conservatives-ron-paul-01.jpg

    Fiscal Conservatives With a Taste for Pork: Ron Paul

    Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, the presidential candidate and libertarian champion, is relentless in calling for the shrinking of government spending while seeking tax dollars for his district from some of the very programs he criticizes.