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    Fiscal Conservatives With a Taste for Pork: Allen West

    Freshman Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., a darling of the Tea Party and a has frequently bashed of federal spending on TV, has already written four letters seeking tax dollars for pet projects in his district in his first 10 months on the job.
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    The King of Cool

    In honor of the legendary Steve McQueen, a few of his favorite things.
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    Condi's Quick Takes

    Condoleezza Rice's memoir, 'No Higher Honor' touches on her relationships with Rumsfeld, Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy
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    30 Greenest Tech Companies

    Newsweek finds the top tech companies based on environmental impact and greenest corporate management.
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    2011 Green Rankings FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about our exclusive environmental rankings and how we created them.
  • Green Rankings: Top 10 U.S. companies

    America’s Greenest Companies

    From Office Dept to Accenture, these are the most earth-friendly companies in the U.S. The Green Rankings were created in 2009 with ASAP Media, a New York City media development firm founded by editors Peter W. Bernstein ( and Annalyn Swan ( It specializes in creating magazine, book, and online content.
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    Our Research Partners

    Newsweek’s Green Rankings were compiled in collaboration with two leading research organizations.
  • methods

    Full Methodology

    How we calculated this year’s Green Rankings.
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    The Social-Media Primary

    Forget Iowa. Republican presidential candidates are duking it out online. With data from OhMyGov Inc., check out who's winning the Internet campaign.
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    World’s Greenest Companies

    From IBM to Infosys, these are the most eco-conscious companies around the globe.

    The Green Rankings were created in 2009 with ASAP Media, a New York City media development firm founded by editors Peter W. Bernstein ( and Annalyn Swan ( It specializes in creating magazine, book, and online content.

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    The First Love of Jobs’s Life

    Laurene Powell Jobs is warm, funny, socially engaged, and intensely private. Meet the apple of the great genius’s eye.
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    A Chief's Gradual Decline

    Though he repeatedly asserted he was in good health, Jobs’s physical deterioration was increasingly evident.
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    The Tech Seer

    Steve Jobs wasn’t always right, but his ability to foresee innovations was uncanny. Here are a few of his more remarkable predictions.
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    Selling the Revolution

    Lovable Muppets. Feel-good colors. Hipster cred. Apple's ad campaigns make us want to be part of the club.

    The Pixar Touch

    Other studios caught up to the 3-D tech—but never the storytelling.
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    My Favorite Mistake

    Muhammad Yunus on the mistake that cost him his own bank.
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    The Comedy of Cancer

    Seth Rogen and Will Reiser turned a real-life diagnosis into the quietly hilarious new film ‘50/50.’
  • Director of The Sustainability Workshop Simon Hauger

    The Real Fixers

    They’re your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues.

    Women World Leaders

    From Thailand to Cameroon, women are taking charge. A look at the next generation of emerging women leaders.
  • It's a Woman's World

    To celebrate the launch of Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s Women in the World Foundation, we look back at our favorite covers featuring women working, leading, fighting, playing, and excelling in all areas of life. As Hillary Clinton said at the Women in the World summit this March, while we may not know the names of all the women involved in making a difference in our world, “they are the ones making changes on the ground right now. They are the ones who need our help, and we will stand with them.”
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    Nicholas Sparks

    Nicholas Sparks on failing to finish a novel.
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    Clinton’s Cause

    NEWSWEEK caught up with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
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    Howard Schultz

    Why the Starbucks CEO is withholding his money to fix our broken politics.
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    What Would They Do?

    AMY GUTMANN President, University of Pennsylvania Redefine the liberal-arts education by integrating curricula across disciplines, such as business and bioscience.