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  • Business Books You Need to Read Now

    Book authors from the business world talked to NEWSWEEK in an ongoing series of interviews highlighting the best business literature out there. Stop here before (or after) picking up the latest intelligent take.
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    Jonathan Alter Appears on 'Late Night With David Letterman'

    NEWSWEEK columnist Jonathan Alter went on "Late Night With David Letterman" Tuesday night to talk about his new book, "The Promise: President Obama, Year One," which offers a behind-the-scenes view of the administration's political successes and failures.
  • Ahmet Davutoglu on Israel, Iran, and the West

    What is Turkey up to? A stalwart member of NATO, many believe it is now tilting east. In May, it sealed a nuclear-exchange deal with Iran, and in June Ankara voted no on U.N. sanctions against Iran. Then, the killing of nine Turks aboard a Gaza-bound aid flotilla by Israeli forces led to a crisis between the longtime allies, and further questions about the direction of Turkey’s foreign policy. Semin Gümüsel Güner and Selcuk Tepeli of NEWSWEEK Turkey recently met with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to discuss these issues. Excerpts:
  • Tax Attacks

    A recent history of anti-tax violence
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    The Case Against Marriage: 10 Readers Weigh In

    Does marriage in 2010 make sense? In last week’s magazine, we published a story arguing against the institution, at least for young, professional women like us. It prompted our colleagues—a few of them, anyway—to argue against us. It also set off an outpouring from readers—some in support, some in opposition, and some, well, somewhere in between. A few of the comments that really got us thinking:
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    Kick the Addiction-Book Habit

    Is there a 12-step group for people hooked on addiction literature? There should be, given the million little drug stories out there. The latest is about a literary agent turned crack fiend, but is his tale that different from—well, the rest? Match the excerpt to the book (answers below):
  • Quote of the Day: Smoking Cleanser

    "When you talk about Sestak being more vigorous, you must be smoking Dutch Cleanser." –Sen. Arlen Specter, comparing himself to his opponent in today’s Pennsylvania Democratic primary
  • Quote of the Day: Tony Hayward

    "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume." —BP CEO Tony Hayward
  • China Sees Boom in Internet Hours and E-Commerce

    By The NumbersChina Online Chinese Internet habits have been rapidly changing over the past few years, according to a just-released study from the Boston Consulting Group: users now spend more time online than almost any other nation, and they are embracing e-commerce at an astounding rate:1BILLIONS of hours that Chinese Web users spent online daily in 2009, more than both the U.S. and Japan combined.37BILLIONS of dollars in value of e-commerce transactions by Chinese users in 2009.100BILLIONS of dollars in value of e-commerce transactions expected by 2012.137PERCENTAGE of growth in the number of Chinese shopping online expected by 2012, from 8 percent to 19 percent of the population.
  • How to Survive a Plane Crash: Life-Saving Strategies You'll Probably Never Need

    By Chelsea JackEarlier today, an Afriqiyah Airways jet from Johannesburg crashed on its airport approach into Tripoli International Airport in Libya. The good news, if there is any, from this story rests in possibly the sole survival of a 10-year-old Dutch boy. There have been about 100 fatalities reported of the 104 people aboard, and yet this boy survived. This case of survival in the midst of such devastation is both encouraging and tragic. And for all nervous fliers, it raises the question: what does it take to survive a plane crash?First, of course, is luck. But one needn't be all that lucky: according to the gentleman of Freakanomics, the survival rate of plane crashes is surprisingly good, if—and this is a big if—you discount the few big crashes per year that skew the average. Take, for instance, crashes that...
  • Savings Rate Down as Americans Spend More

    Leading Indicator 2.7%The personal savings rate for Americans in March. The post-crash savings rate peaked at 6.4 percent in May 2009, and hasn't been below 3 percent since October 2008.
  • Beau Biden Suffers Mild Stroke

    Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden was taken to a hospital Tuesday after he had what doctors believe was a mild stroke. The vice president's eldest son is recovering and in stable condition, a White House press release said.
  • Quote of the Day: John McCain

    "Complete the danged fence." —Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), in a new ad about illegal immigration. It's the latest area where McCain, facing a Tea Party-aligned primary challenger, has tacked right from earlier positions. See the ad below:
  • Explainer: The British Elections and the Queen's Role in Government

    As George Bernard Shaw once noted, America and Britain are "two nations divided by a common language.” Surveying the confusion generated in the U.S. by the indecisive results of the British election, Shaw might have added: "....and by vastly different constitutional arrangements."  To Americans, the notion that a monarch—Queen Elizabeth II—will now play a role in the selection of the next government in Britain must seem bizarre. Is the place a democracy or not? The answer is that democracies need an umpire. After the voting debacle in Florida in 2000, a divided Supreme Court acted as referee, for better or worse. In Britain, the Queen is that official.  Why? Fundamentally, because America chose to combine in the President the offices of head of government and head of state, while Britain divides the two roles. American presidents, officials, soldiers swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. In Britain, they swear an oath of loyalty to the Crown. It comes to the same...
  • What's Behind the Dow's Dizzying Volatility?

    What the hell is happening with the Dow? Despite Friday's positive employment numbers, in which the U.S. economy added 290,000 jobs, the stock market fell this morning—thanks to growing concerns about Greece's debt and Thursday's computer glitch that sent the market plummeting. ...
  • By The Numbers: Investing In Innovation

    Just as the rest of the world is prioritizing innovation, American businesses are de-emphasizing it and focusing on quick-payback investments, according to a new study of corporate priorities from the Boston Consulting Group: 92 Percentage of Chinese firms that say innovation is a top priority, up from 70percent in 2008. 79 Percentage of Indian firms that say innovation is a top priority, up from 73percent in 2008. 76 Percentage of French and British firms that say innovation is a top priority, up from 63percent in 2008. 61 Percentage of U.S. firms that say innovation is a top priority, down from 63percent in 2008. BCG 2010 Senior Executive Innovation Survey
  • Newsverse: Rules to Live By

    By Jerry AdlerBeware of brokers bearing bonds Who only seek to game us. Don't get caught with sexy blondes If married, rich, and famous.   If you hear ticking, move your a-- Get far away and stay low. Don't hang around if you smell gas On an oil rig or volcano.   If you're a bird, I hope you've heard About your beach vacation. The gulf is like a giant turd Cancel that migration!   Hew the straight and narrow path And you'll stay out of trouble. Except for gum, or in a bath Don't get caught in a bubble.   Build your house up high beyond Where rivers flood when storming. Don't swim naked in a pond In case of global warming.  Don't eat too many sour quinces They're awful for your liver. And don't put all your faith in princes They'll sell you down the river.  
  • Quote of the Day: John Thune

    "Because he immerses himself in that and understands it so well—the positions he adopts may not always be the ones that everyone else in our conference comes to." —Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who probably didn't intend this comment about Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) to come out quite this way. (h/t Ben Smith)
  • Quote of the Day: Joe Arpaio

    "I don't want to be egotistical, but I could be the governor if I ran. My polls are very high. I got the money. I got the polls. I got the support." —Joe Arpaio, the controversial sheriff of Maricopa Country, Ariz., during his announcement today that he will not run for the Republican nomiation for governor