Niall Ferguson

Stories by Niall Ferguson

  • technocrats-co04-ferguson

    Dim-Witted Technocrats

    We need a wonk in the White House. Too bad the ‘experts’ are so often politically clueless.
  • naughty-newt-co01-ferguson

    Naughty Newt Gingrich

    The political establishment gives us Saint Obama and Straight Mitt—that’s why Sinner Newt is the one to beat.
  • russia-superpower-co02-ferguson

    The Russian Farce

    Russia—who cares? With its rampant voter fraud and declining population, the country is careening toward irrelevance.
  • douple-dip-recession-co03-ferguson

    Double-Dip Depression

    The Fed is working to prevent an economic calamity. Why do its critics seem eager to repeat the mistakes of 1931?
  • romney-money-ferguson-co01

    Romney to the Rescue

    America is angry at elites. But Mitt Romney’s business success makes him the best candidate by far.
  • defense-spending-ferguson-co03

    Congress's $492 Billion Bet

    Congress is poised to slash defense spending. Great idea—as long as China remains our buddy and the Middle East embraces brotherly love.
  • save-america-fe05-ferguson

    America's 'Oh Sh*t!' Moment

    Has the U.S. deleted the very things that made it great? Niall Ferguson on how America can avoid imminent collapse.
  • technology-poltics-co01-ferguson

    World on Wi-Fire

    Feel the chaos? Technology is feeding mind-boggling volatility everywhere.
  • palestine-co06-ferguson

    You Were Expecting Statehood?

    As the Palestinians learned last week, the U.N. serves the interests of great powers. Just as it was meant to.
  • texting-co03-ferguson

    Texting Makes U Stupid

    The U.S. is producing civilizational illiterates. How will they compete against America’s global rivals?
  • gaddafi-co01-ferguson

    In Gaddafi’s Wake

    The dictator’s fall is proof that America can still topple a rogue regime.
  • china-problem-co04-ferguson

    Gloating China, Hidden Problems

    Beijing has chastised the U.S. for fiscal recklessness, but it may be headed for its own economic collapse.
  • china-us-co02-ferguson

    Debt Debate: China's View

    Whatever the rating agencies say, many in China believe the U.S. is no longer creditworthy.
  • GOP-debt-policy-co02-ferguson

    A Dogma to Wreck the Country

    It beggars belief that the GOP is willing to risk national default for the sake of antitax purity. By Niall Ferguson
  • global-temper-co02-ferguson-wide

    The Global Temper Tantrum

    Fury is spreading. But the mobs ignore the real culprit behind broken economies.
  • egypt-economy-ferguson-CO01-wide

    Egypt: The Revolution Blows Up

    Egypt’s stock market is tanking and its rich are taking their money to Zurich. Will an economic plunge ruin the Arab Spring?
  • ferguson-co02-hsmall

    Austerity Works

    In bemoaning the pain of fiscal responsibility, the Democrats show they still haven’t learned the lessons of Europe.
  • ferguson-china-fe06-wide

    Dr. K's Rx for China

    It is now 40 years since Kissinger went on his secret mission to China. Since then he has visited the country more than 50 times. And if there is one thing he has learned, it is this: the real fool’s errand is to lean on the Chinese.
  • fed-ferguson-co02-wide

    Sticker Shock

    The Fed may deny it, but Americans know that prices are rising. Inflation is back.
  • cooper-co03-wide

    Copper Is King

    Gold prices are up, but another metal connects the world—and reveals our economic future.
  • euro-ferguson-co01-hsmall

    Murder on the EU Express

    With the monetary union coming apart, the finger-pointing has begun. Who really killed Europe?
  • libya-co99-wide

    The Big Dither

    Obama was right to back a no-fly zone over Libya. But he should have done it weeks ago.
  • ignorance-fe10-wide.jpg

    How to Get Smart Again

    The way we teach our children history has undermined our chances for success. A leading Harvard historian and NEWSWEEK columnist offers three ways to make it fun.