Trump's Opioid Plan Is Not Enough for New Hampshire

“I remember when [Trump] was running for president, he talked about how beautiful New Hampshire was and how the drug problem here didn’t make sense, and I agreed,” said Rachel Behrens, who lives in the Manchester area and lost her 19-year-old son to a Fentanyl overdose last year. “At that time my son was alive, and now he isn’t. It’s way too late.”

GOP Wants to Cut Food Stamp Rolls by 20 percent: Dems

“We have grown increasingly concerned about the nutrition policies being pushed by the Majority. Items you have outlined in your meetings with us and that have been reported in the press are a significant cause of concern,” 19 Democratic House Committee on Agriculture members wrote in a joint letter to ranking member Congressman Collin Peterson Thursday.

Ravi Ragbir: The Man ICE Couldn’t Deport

“I’m not allowed to feel sad, but it is getting tiring to not be able to unwind, to not be able to just relax for a moment,” he said. “There’s still so much to do; you don’t know how much is left until you don’t have the time to do it anymore.”

Gay Conversion Therapist Had Sex with Male Patients

The committee found that the doctor had engaged in oral and anal sex and mutual masturbation with some of his male clients during therapy sessions. The doctor told his patients that engaging in sexual acts was part of their treatment, and would allow them to stop fantasizing about them, according to the report.

Trump Administration Takes Action on Gun Control

The Department of Justice submitted notice of proposed regulation to clarify the meaning of “machinegun” in the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act includes bump stock devices, and that federal law, therefore, prohibits their possession, sale, or manufacture.

Trump Could Give Interview to End Mueller Probe

Trump’s lawyers are considering using a possible interview as negotiation leverage, and might ask Mueller to end the Trump-related portion of his investigation within 60 days of speaking with the president.