Donald Trump Does What Mike Pence Refused to Do

The White House released an official photo of President Donald Trump shaking hands with Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Friday. The handshake, which took place during the Singapore Summit this week, marks a significant departure from Vice President Mike Pence’s avoidance of the dignitary at the Winter Olympics earlier this year.

Trump Cheers VA Senate Candidate With Anti-Semite Ties

Virginia Republicans voted to nominate a senatorial candidate with deep connections to white supremacists and anti-Muslim coalitions Tuesday evening. Corey Stewart, a former gubernatorial candidate, confederate statue defender, and praiser of anti-Semites, clinched the nomination.

Trump Won't Fund Infrastructure, But Domino's Will

President Donald Trump promised his supporters an infrastructure plan that would fix America’s decaying roads, bridges and pipes, but in the 508 days since the president took office little work has been done to put those plans into place. Now, Domino’s, the largest pizza chain in the world, is taking matters into its own hands.

Republican Candidate Calls Diversity 'Un-American'

Seth Grossman, a “Make America Great Again” candidate who clinched a surprise win last week in South New Jersey’s Republican congressional primary, is coming under national scrutiny for saying that “the whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American.”

Supreme Court Allows Ohio to Purge Inactive Voters

In a 5-4 decision written by Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Ohio and other states are allowed to purge voters who are inactive or do not respond to requests to confirm their residency from their rolls. 

Amazon Factories in China Unsafe for Workers: Report

Amazon Echo speakers and Kindle e-readers are produced by Chinese laborers who work long hours for low pay and without proper safety training, according to a new report by China Labor Watch, a U.S.-based humanitarian group.

If North Korean Summit Goes Wrong, Blame Canada: Kudlow

President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser launched a unusually critical campaign against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Sunday morning, and placed the blame on Canada for Trump’s refusal to sign the G-7 joint agreement.

Ivana Trump Will Tour Country on Crusade to End Obesity

President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, is reportedly waging a battle against adult obesity in America. The memoirist announced Thursday that she will join forces with Gianluca Mech, TV diet expert and inventor of the “Italiano Diet,” to promote a diet plan that allows its users to “eat pasta, cookies, and lose weight.”