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Stories by R. M. Schneiderman

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    Mercenaries in Iraq to Take Over Soldiers' Jobs

    As the U.S. military prepares to draw down its forces in Iraq, the withdrawal will be a boon for the private security industry, whose hired guns will inherit many of the tasks the Army is leaving behind.
  • God Lives in a Lab in Arizona

    For more than a century, people have battled malaria by fighting its carrier, the indomitable mosquito. But last month, scientists at the University of Arizona found a way to turn this blood-sucking enemy into a potential ally.
  • Why the Cartels Could Survive Legal Weed

    Advocates of legalizing marijuana have long argued that it would bolster state tax revenue and undercut Mexican drug cartels, much as the repeal of Prohibition hurt Al Capone and the mob. But since no modern government has ever embraced the drug—permitting both its sale and cultivation—this connection between pot and gang control has never been tested. Now a new study from the RAND Corporation suggests that it might not hold up.
  • How Legalized Pot Could Hurt Mexico's Cartels

    So far, no modern country has ever legalized marijuana production—not even the Netherlands. Yet with heavy drug-related violence plaguing the U.S.-Mexican border, some analysts and policymakers now say that America should legalize weed in order to reduce the power of Mexico’s drug cartels.