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  • Heath Ledger Dead at 28

    Heath Ledger refused to take the pretty boy's path to Hollywood success
  • Fallen ‘Idol’? Not So Fast.

    Finally, the race is on. Not for the White House —we mean for "American Idol," which returns on Jan. 15. How will the country's biggest show fare during the writers' strike? And did "Idol" fix last season's low notes? (So long, Sanjaya.) Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe spoke to Ramin Setoodeh. ...
  • Q&A with Clay Aiken

    Clay Aiken is sore from rehearsing for 'Spamalot,' and now he's sore at us.
  • Tyson Beckford on ‘Supermodel’

    'Supermodel' school opens on Bravo, and host Tyson Beckford provides the inside line on how to strut to win (a two-hour daily workout, to start).
  • Hulk Hogan For President!

    The wrestler is the host of the new "American Gladiators." He spoke to Ramin Setoodeh: ...
  • Will Britney Ever Get Help?

    Tired of Iowa and politics? There's always the latest chapter in the Spears saga to watch.
  • Amy Adams: When You Wish Upon a Movie Star

    Amy Adams plays a princess in the movies, but in real life she's no Sleeping Beauty. In fact, she's not sleeping much at all. "I'm having insomnia," Adams says. "It's not the falling asleep. It's the waking up, and then you're up." Fame can be unsettling, and Adams is just getting her first big taste. Her movie "Enchanted," Disney's delightfully fractured fairy tale about living happily ever after in the real world, opened in November to boffo reviews and box office. Suddenly there's talk about Oscars and sequels—and doubt. Make that "Doubt," one of two upcoming movies in which she's set to star opposite the mighty Meryl Streep. Is it any wonder that Adams can't sleep? "I drew a picture of myself in the third grade of what I would be when I grew up," Adams says. "I had red hair and, oddly enough, I was in a very nice gown. Oh, no! I've got red hair and wear nice gowns. I've fulfilled all my childhood dreams. Now what?"Adams, 33, first landed on Hollywood's radar after playing a...
  • Debating the Golden Globes

    Two NEWSWEEK reporters debate the highlights and horrors of the Golden Globe nominations.
  • Reality Comes to 'Project Runway'

    An HIV-positive 'Project Runway' contestant suddenly leaves the show when he contracts a staph infection. In an exclusive interview, he gives NEWSWEEK the inside story.
  • Patti LaBelle, with Hot Sauce

    Patti LaBelle is a "coach" on "Clash of the Choirs," a reality show where celebrities assemble their own choirs and viewers pick the best one. (This is why the writers' strike must end.) She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh. ...
  • Helio Takes His Victory Lap Dance

    He was the dark horse who fox-trotted his way to victory. Brazilian race-car driver Helio Castroneves was crowned winner of "Dancing With the Stars" last week. He spoke with Ramin Setoodeh. ...
  • Newsmakers: James McAvoy

    In "Atonement," James McAvoy steals Keira Knightley's heart, and he'll probably take yours, too. He spoke to Ramin Setoodeh. ...
  • Disney's $4b 'Princess' Brand

    Your daughter has a royal crush. So do Barbie and Dora. If Disney has its way, women will become the next subjects kneeling before its $4 billion throne.
  • Alicia Keys

    Keys's new album, "As I Am," debuts this week. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh. ...
  • A Cha-Cha Chat With A Lot Of Spice

    Scary Spice (Melanie Brown) is the star on "Dancing With the Stars," but after the series ends, she won't stop dancing. She's going on the Spice Girls reunion tour. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh. ...
  • Céline Dion Leaving Las Vegas

    Céline Dion spent five years in the desert. Let's see if she can still swim, and sing, with the big guys.
  • Newsmakers: 8 Things Lance Forgot to Tell In His Tell-All Book

    Lance Bass, former 'N Sync boy bander, came out in 2006. Now, naturally, he has a memoir, called "Out of Sync." He told all—for real—to Ramin Setoodeh.1. None of his ex-bandmates is likely to finish his book: "The guys don't like to read. In fact, I just saw Joey [Fatone] last night, and I was like, haven't you read the book yet? He's like, I'm on chapter five and I've been on that chapter for two weeks."2. He's not exactly a wordsmith himself: "I'm terrible at putting sentences together. I know exactly what I want to say and all the stories, but I don't know how to put it in book form, so I got help from an author."3. He'd love for 'N Sync to reunite: "I'd do it in a heartbeat. We're just waiting for Justin [Timberlake]. I think his No. 1 concern would be this whole boy band stigma that he got over."4. He still wants to go into outer space: "I have to find the right mission. The good thing is, I've done all the training so all I would have to do is a refresher course. I'm not...
  • Rare Opportunity to Buy an Oscar

    Wanna buy an Oscar? Because of a rule established in 1950 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which allows the organization to buy back unwanted statues for $1 before the public gets a shot, the opportunity to purchase an actual Oscar is extremely rare. But in December, Sotheby's will be auctioning one off, and it's a doozy: the only Academy Award won by Orson Welles, which he earned for the screenplay to "Citizen Kane." And given its mysterious history, you might call this one the Rosebud of Oscars.Welles won the award in 1942, making it exempt from the Academy's rule. But in 1988, his daughter Beatrice informed the Academy that the original statue had been lost prior to Welles's death three years earlier. She asked for, and received, a replacement, under the condition that she could never sell it. But then in 1994, the original suddenly appeared on the auction market. The seller was a cinematographer friend of the late filmmaker, who claimed that Welles gave it to...
  • Can Paris Hilton Get Serious?

    Rich girl. Party animal. Jailbird. America's No. 1 heir-head wants to get out of the bimbo business.
  • Up and Coming: Casey Affleck

    It's been a while since anyone cared about an Affleck movie. But that'll change now that Casey, Ben's kid brother, is starring in two big films: "The Assassination of Jesse James" and "Gone Baby Gone" (directed by Ben). He spoke to Ramin Setoodeh. ...
  • Newsmakers

    Foxx stars in "The Kingdom," a thriller about an FBI team investigating a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. He spoke to Nicki Gostin. ...
  • Q & A: Evan Rachel Wood

    Wood will be in four movies at this week's Toronto Film Festival. But her favorite is Julie Taymor's "Across the Universe," in which she (and the cast) sing dozens of Beatles songs. Wood spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.Yeah. I have no problem telling people that it's the greatest movie ever made.I'm going to cover it up for something better.It's a strawberry with the leaves in the shape of a bird. But when people look at it, they say, "Is that a ferret sticking out of an apple?"I'm an alien. I'm young Uma Thurman. And I'm a young brunette working at McDonald's.I have to keep it blond for roles, so I could go either way. But now I can't dye my hair black, because that would mean I'm a zombie.People need to grow up about that.I think people really get off on seeing someone fail. No one is waiting for me to say something smart. An actress is stupid—that's the best news. It's on CNN. People tell me I'm immature, and Britney's crotch is on CNN. Who the hell is immature?