Rob Cox

Stories by Rob Cox

  • king-of-beers-nb51

    King of Beers

    Carlos Brito’s bottomless thirst.
  • manchester-united-nb22


    Manchester United’s IPO is no winner.
  • Groupon

    Digging a Moat

    Groupon needs to fortify its position.
  • inside-job-nb20

    Inside Job

    Rajat Gupta’s on trial. What about Sokol?
  • american-corporations-aboard-nb10-cox

    Moral Hazard

    Can American companies compete abroad without bribing?
  • yong-kim-co01

    Jim Yong Kim

    A most unusual—and logical—choice.
  • silicon-vallery-fe01-main-tease

    Robber Barons of Silicon Valley

    Facebook. Google. Zynga. They think they're saints of American capitalism. But they're really the successors to the Big Money magnates of the Gilded Age.