Morning Mix: CBS Drops $55 Million

Big Drop for CBS.  CBS posted a $55 million lost yesterday -- that's up against last year's profit of $244 million.  The corporation credits a tremendous slide in ad revenue.  Like the other networks, however, the company was remiss to cite too much gloom ahead of their big line-up presentation, later this month. [Variety]Jack Bauer Goes to Jail? "24" star Kiefer Sutherland has been charged with assault since he turned himself in to police; it was revealed Tuesday morning that he allegedly headbutted a man (rumored to be Proenza Schouler designer Jack McCullough) in a scuffle after the Costume Institute gala.  Headbutted him, yes, you read that correctly.  A paparazzi snap of the designer shows him with a bloodied scab across the bridge of his nose.  Why would Jack do it?  Apparently the altercation was over Brooke Shields.  Huh? [Reuters via Washington Post]A Canadian Retreat for Woody and Buzz.  A third sibling to join the Disney/Pixar animation family?  Walt...

Round-Up of NEWSWEEK's "Trek" Coverage

On some parts of this planet, Star Trek is now playing.  In case you've somehow missed the deluge of Trek content on this site and others over the past few MONTHS, here's a primer of the notables:The trailer -- or see below for YouTube version"We're All Trekkies Now," Steve Daly for NEWSWEEK (cover story)"Confessions of a Star Trek Writer," Leonard Mlodinow for NEWSWEEK (cover story)NEWSWEEK gallery of famous guest stars on Star TrekNEWSWEEK snaps of an early Trek convention, in the '70s"Has Star Trek Lost Its Moral Relevance?" by NEWSWEEK's Marc Bain"Spock, Kirk and Slash Fiction," by Paul Constant for NEWSWEEK

A Really Awkward Chat with Natalie Portman

We can't embed the player from FunnyOrDie 'cause our site's old-school, but a new "Between Two Ferns" interview with Natalie Portman just went up, courtesy of Zach Galifianakis.  Which is totally timely, because we were just thinking about how great the fuzzy comedian is in "The Hangover."  Check out the clip here, but be warned, it's NSFW-ish.

But ... What if I'm Not a Trekkie?

Not only am I a smidge on the young side to have been a "Star Trek" devotee--even for "Next Generation," of which I've only seen about one-tenth of an episode--but I also actively dislike space. It scares the hell out of me. I'm still haunted by the "Alien" tagline: So can I find something to love about J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek"? In fact, yes! Consider me a new proselyte. Reasons to see "Star Trek" this weekend:  If you're not already a fan of screwball Brit Simon Pegg--or lithe Zoe Saldana, or the brow-furrowed John Cho, or the impassive and serene Zachary Quinto--you'll become one. The hip, fun cast has an infectious espirit de corps, and I left the theater debating with my boss about whether the magnetic Chris Pine was more Young Leo or Young Tom Cruise. Either way, this bodes well for his future.  I would've dozed off if they'd lapsed into the kind of pentasyllabic-word parlance that so often...

Morning Mix: 'Family Guy' Spinoff Gets Even Bigger

Cleveland's Big Breakout Gets Second Helping.  Before the premiere has even aired, Fox has already ordered a second season of "Cleveland," the "Family Guy" spinoff that follows the family of Peter's friend Cleveland Brown.  All you need to know right now is that Arianna Huffington has a recurring role.  The show debuts sometime this fall.  [The Hollywood Reporter]"Idol" Enters Finale Week of 2009.  It's down to the final three on "American Idol" -- an all-male finale cast will include Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen.  In the spirit of finale week, Newsweek has more coming from the "Idol" gang -- stayed tuned to Pop Vox next week for some exclusive content! [People]'Entourage' and 'Curb' Come to Basic Cable.  HBO has (finally) sold syndication rights to two of its most popular series: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Entourage," which are slated to being airing in fall of 2010...

Art Market Gloom = When a Picasso Fails to Sell

Gloomy: What was the last time you saw a headline that called a Picasso a "flop"?  Thanks, Bloomberg News -- this article chronicles last night's Sotheby's sale of some important Impressionist and modern art, including a painting by the famed Spaniard that was left unclaimed at night's end.  As the top lot, the painting was put under the hammer at an estimated $24 million.Gloomier: The painting was reportedly the former holding of William Achenbaum, a New York real-estate developer who is listed by a filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court as an investor in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme.Gloomiest: The total draw for the auction house was not only well below its conservative estimate of $81.5 million; at a $61.4 draw, it was also the lowest tally since its first post-9/11 auction, in November 2001, which drew a scant $33.1 million.

Morning Mix: Fawcett to Air TV Doc About Cancer Battle

More Bad News for Miss California.  Miss California -- and Perez Hilton nemesis -- Carrie Prejean may be investigated by the Miss California pageant delegation, a spokesman for the organization confirmed yesterday. Prejean is cited as being in violation of her 12-page contract, which includes provisions against acting as a spokesmodel and against posing nude.  Since the Miss USA pageant, where she said she did not believe in gay marriage, Prejean has acted in a spokeswoman capacity for anti-gay marriage activists in her home state; photographs of her posing topless as a teen model (though she's facing half-away from the camera) were also recently uncovered.  If found in violation of her state pageant contract, the Miss California organization could strip her of her crown.  Gasp!  [Associated Press]'Farrah's Story' to Air May 15.  Farrah Fawcett, who was recently hospitalized after some experimental surgery in Germany caused complications, will air a raw, homemade...

How Diverting! The Entertainment Aboard the Space Station

Preface: This document was released one year ago.  Which would make it ineligible for publication on almost any other news-pegged blog -- except this one!  Because Pop Vox didn't exist a year ago, and therefore, we couldn't write about this very newsworthy thing at the time of its Very Newsworthiness.  [Insert title card: One Year Later...]A full list, in PDF format, of all the books, movies and songs aboard the space station.  Why?  Why not?! is really the question here.  Currently bumping up against the state capitals now in my Brain Attic is the knowledge that astronauts can watch the second -- but not first, or third -- installments of the Austin Powers.  (That's "The Spy Who Shagged Me," for curious parties).  And that "Elephunk," the Black-Eyed Peas third effort, is indeed available for blasting at any NASA pregames or mixers. Not surprisingly, the titles in all genres skew scientific, nerdy and boyish.  In the mood for a romantic comedy?  If...

RIP, Dom DeLuise: A Life in YouTube

Actor Dom DeLuise -- never without a toothy smile and his signature newsboy cap -- died yesterday in his sleep while surrounded by family in Santa Monica, his son Michael DeLuise confirmed to reporters today.  The chubby comedian, 75, had a lengthy career; he was a fixture in Mel Brooks films like "Blazing Saddles" and "Spaceballs," and became a familiar face as the pitchman for Ziploc bags in the 1980s.  Here, some of his most memorable moments:

Morning Mix: NBC Gives Sneak Preview of Fall Line-Up

Keep Buying Subway, 'Chuck' Lovers!  NBC announced part of its fall line-up yesterday at its early advertisers' meetings -- but deigned to comment on the future life of its bubble shows, like "Chuck" or "Law & Order."  The network will pick up new dramas "Mercy," "Day One," "Parenthood" and "Trauma," as well as comedies "100 Questions" and "Community."  It will also sustain "Parks & Recreation," "Southland," "Heroes," and more. [Variety]'Top Chef' Snags Bit of Glory.  The James Beard Awards were doled out yesterday, and while "Top Chef" head judge Tom Colicchio was nominated for best chef, he didn't win.  Still, a fellow "Top Chef" judge -- albeit a guest judge -- did snare the prize: Dan Barber, of New York City's Blue Hill and upstate New York's Blue Hill at Stone Barns, won for his work on farm-to-table,...

Viral Round-Up: The Weekend in YouTube

The Kentucky Derby!  If you missed this thrilling one, an historic run that New York Times is calling downright restorative to a sport that's seen scant good news, watch above. The best part is that the announcer -- longtime race caller Tom Durkin -- seems to be caught unawares by the Mine That Bird win, and never alludes to his massive charge up the inside rail.In a performance in Connecticut, a "crazed" fan of Britney Spears' ambled up on stage and toward the blonde performer, in the middle of her rendition of "Womanizer." A bit funny that Spears was, at the time, attired like a police officer and wielding a club."American Idol" David Cook, who was an emcee on Saturday for D.C.'s Race For Hope, to benefit brain cancer research, announced in an emotional speech to the crowd that his brother Adam had passed away on the previous day, due to his long struggle with the disease. 

Morning Mix: Oldest Cook Brother Passes Away at 37

Oldest Cook Brother Dies of Brain Cancer. "American Idol" winner David Cook lost his brother Saturday -- Adam Cook, 37, had been struggling with brain cancer since before his younger brother made the show.  He made the decision to stop chemotherapy treatments, which no longer seemed to be helping his advanced sickness, earlier this year.  He's survived by his wife and two kids. [The Associated Press]'Wolverine' Has Strong Opening Weekend.  It didn't quite catch "Iron Man" and his $102 million opening weekend, but "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" still took the box-office crown this weekend with 20th Century Fox's best-ever non-holiday weekend opening.  At $87 million, the Hugh Jackman superhero flick beat out "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" ($15.3 million) and the second weekend of "Obsessed" ($12.2 million). [Variety]So You Wanna Get Inside the Vatican, Eh?  "Angels and Demons" director Ron Howard said the...

Breaking: Dali Painting Stolen in Netherlands

This just across the wire: Armed burglars have stolen a valuable Salvador Dali painting, per the Associated Press -- no story yet, just the headline. Their sources are Dutch police.  More to come!*UPDATE, 12:38 p.m.:  Masked, armed robbers threatened the guards at a Netherlands musuem and made off with two paintings, one by surrealist Dali, the Associated Press is reporting via the Boston Herland.  The piece says that the Dali work in question is a gouache rendering called "Adolescence," about 18 by 12 inches.  The armed thieves also took a painting by Polish art deco artist Tamara de Lempicka.  Read the full report here.

7 Things You Didn't Know About Kristin Chenoweth

Broadway's beloved blonde bombshell is Kristin Chenoweth, who rocketed to fame as Glinda in "Wicked," has a new memoir out and made us all laugh as Reese Witherspoon's older sister in "Four Christmases."  She talks about her drug history, gives us a run-down on the size of her brain and sings us a famous showtune. Click the player to view!

Morning Mix: First Big Blockbuster of the Season!

Jackman & Co. to Jack Up Box Office.  No competition here -- summer's first blockbuster movie, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," has little competition for a big box office sweep. "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" is another star-studded film opening, but as a rom-com with as-yet shaky reviews, the film looks to make little impact.  20th Century Fox has specific goals in mind for the X-Men film: to equal or best the $102 million "Iron Man" opening last year. [Variety]  Here's a sentence that could've been written at any point in the last two decades: Director Barry Levinson will make a film about his life, and it will be set in Baltimore. "Sixty-Six" will follow a group of characters who come of age in 1966, dealing with the Vietnam War and other historical hallmarks of the era.  A diner will be the center of social life. Surprise! [The Hollywood Reporter]Going Gaga for Hair Dye?  What is with weird celebrity hair dye being the biggest...

Developments in Rihanna-Chris Brown Case

Singer Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, sought dismissal earlier this afternoon of the two felonies charged against his client; he cited the leaked photograph of a visibly battered and bruised Rihanna as evidence of court malfeasance. "The leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regards to outrageous governmental misconduct," Geragos said, according to an E! News story. The Los Angeles Police Department has been investigating the leak since the photo's release on gossip site -- but so far, has not pinpointed a source.In related news, Rihanna will finally be able to reclaim the $1.4 million in jewelry she was wearing the night of the alleged assault, which was also the evening of the Grammy awards. The baubles were taken in to be photographed as evidence and had yet to be returned, per the Associated Press's report. The pop star's representation had requested a judge's order for their return, and finally reached an...

Joshua Alston on 'Dallas DNA': Justice Served Cold

DNA is the hardest-working double-helix in show business. The days are brutal: a bunch of paternity tests on "Maury," then under the fingernails of a murder victim on "Law and Order," then over to a special about prehistoric fish fossils. It seems DNA's work is never done, but it never gets the billing it deserves. Enter "Dallas DNA," a new documentary series on Discovery. I jest, but the work done on "Dallas DNA" couldn't be more serious, and the stakes couldn't be higher. The show focuses on a small team of attorneys inside the Dallas district attorney's office called the Conviction Integrity Unit. Their job is solely to revisit old cases to determine whether or not current inmates should have their convictions overturned. Dallas is among a few cities that have stored physical evidence collected at crime scenes for decades, back before the technology to test that evidence had been developed. Science now allows these cit...

Morning Mix: Gervais Books to Become 3D Movie

SATC II: At Least One Man Will Appear In It.  Mr. Big caves to committment, again.  New Line announced last night that "Sex and the City" star Chris Noth signed a seven-figure deal to return for the film's second installment. What's more exciting than this news is how hilariously out-of-date Noth's headshot is on this Variety story. [Variety]Further Reasons to Adore Ricky Gervais. A Universal Studios subsidiary will create 3-D animated children's film based on "Flanimals," a children's book series penned by British comedian Ricky Gervais.  The main character, whom Gervais will voice, looks remarkably like Kirby -- and prompted this statement from the star: "It will be great to play a short, fat, sweaty loser for a change. A real stretch." Joining him in the voice cast are Julie Andrews, Steve Carrell, Kristen Wiig, Jason Segel and Danny McBride. [Variety]Unsurprisingly, New York Rates Julia Allison's As Lamest Twitter. ...

Woody Allen: 1, American Apparel: 0

After American Apparel -- maker of gold lamé leggings, terrycloth booty shorts and other items that might be better branded as The Boogie Nights Collection -- put Woody Allen's image on a billboard, sans the director's permission, Allen sued for a cool $10 mil.  So via lawyer Stuart Slotnick, American Apparel demanded the director prove he had a reputation worth damaging: "We believe that Mr. Allen's popularity has decreased significantly,...

Wow. It is a Slow Entertainment News Day.

Among the 91,855,578 news headlines Google has aggregated about The Major Pandemic Facing Our Nation is this gem, in's "LATEST":Spencer and Heidi Hope to Fend Off Swine Flu

What The @*%$#?! Supreme Court Reviews Bleep-age

A glimmer of hope (sort of) if you're hoping to hear @*%$# during daylight hours: The nation's top court today revived the debate on the FCC's ban of "fleeting expletives" on live TV -- narrowly determining that, while the current bans suffice for now, they should be reviewed by a lower court for possible unconstitutionality.  The current rules allow the FCC to keep television curse-word free from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and to heavily fine broadcasters that do not comply; the regulations became more strenuous during the Bush administration, after several celebrity personalities (Nicole Richie, Bono and Cher) used bawdy language on live television.The issue sparked the interest -- and garrulous sides -- of The Nine, who generated, per the AP, "six separate opinions totaling 68 pages, [in which they] signaled serious...

Morning Mix: Talent Merger Could Change Industry

Talent Rep Biz Sees Unprecedented Merger.  The boards of talent agencies Endeavor and William Morris approved a move yesterday to become one -- going by the name "William Morris Endeavor Entertainment."  As a nameless WMA rep put it to Variety, "William Morris is cash-rich; Endeavor is client-rich. They need each other."  The deal is likely to be made official within a few weeks.  [Variety]Adding One More Comedian To The Mix.  Amanda Peet will jump into the already-filming "Gulliver's Travels" as the editor of star Jack Black (Gulliver), who is a travel writer in this modernized version of the Jonathan Swift story.  She joins Black, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel -- funny folks, all.  The movie is scheduled to hit theaters sometime next year. [The Hollywood Reporter]Another Blonde Pin-Up?  Ugh.  Kim Kardashian isn't famous for much -- but her long, glossy brown hair is one of the reasons she's recognizeable, and yesterday, she dyed it blonde...

The Case of 'Slumdog Millionaire' and the Endless Headlines

This week, we'll swap April for May -- making "Slumdog Millionaire" a nearly five-month-old release, something you'd never guess by the headlines.  Not a week goes by that the '09 Best Picture isn't atop entertainment sites' "LATEST" queues and sidebars, for all manner of good and evil.  Last week, we watched captivated as the father of the film's eight-year-old star Rubina Ali was accused of trafficking his daughter for a six-figure sum -- to undercover journalists. Then we heard that "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?", the game show that forms the basis of the film's storyline, will be revived on American televisions for a summer run -- perceived by some as a network nod to the film's popularity. And this week, we were elated to find out that Freida Pinto and Dev Patel are officially dating, per an exclusive interview that Patel's mother gave to the UK's Daily Mail.  This all comes months after other,...

Not Even 'Wolverine' Can Battle Swine Flu

The latest installment in "Wolverine: The Snafus" is a delayed premiere -- Wednesday's Mexico debut of the film in Mexico City has been postponed due to the swine flu outbreak, a 20th Century Fox source confirmed earlier this afternoon to People.  The studio's rationale included this magnanimous quote from an unnamed rep:We were not only concerned about Hugh's welfare – and we would never send anyone into harm's way – but we also have an enormous office filled with people we care about.How big of them to protect the non-superheros among us.Meanwhile, the early stateside debut in Tempe, Ariz., is still greenlit for this evening.  

Is 'Lost' Finally Coming to Hulu?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the long-rumored deal between online movie-and-TV viewing site Hulu -- the joint venture between Fox and NBC that shows both networks' shows, as well as their movies -- and ABC parent Disney is finally closing.  The two companies are expected to announce the terms of their new partnership as early as this week -- meaning ABC shows and Disney movies could grace Hulu very soon.  Read all about it here.

Morning Mix: Bea Arthur, We'll Miss You

Arthur, 86, Dies In Los Angeles.  Bea Arthur, the acid-tongued Dorothy of "Golden Girls" and Maude of "Maude," who collected both Emmys and a Tony during her acting career, died Saturday at age 86.  She had been battling cancer, her assistant confirmed to the Associated Press. [Washington Post]Spears' Baby's Father Charged, Hospitalized.  Casey Aldridge, the 19-year-old fiance to Jamie Lynn Spears and father of their child, was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle early Sunday morning as he careened out of control in his pickup truck, causing three of the five passengers in his car at the time to be ejected (per Radar Online).  Aldridge was hospitalized for injuries; he was reportedly driving to a lake to go crabbing after his cousin's bachelor party. [People; Radar Online]Beyonce Thriller Has Thrilling Weekend.  Stalker thriller "Obsessed" took the overall box office crown this weekend, while "Earth" nabbed the...

Susan Boyle: The Makeover Montage

If you haven't read Jennie Yabroff's story about the supposed "miracle" behind our favorite Scottish crooner (if we're not counting Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse in "Brigadoon"), check it out below.  And if you want a visual to go along with it, the AP has just posted a video that details Boyle's makeover.  Sort of.  We can't help but think that... she sorta looks the same.  Which is great, because we don't want her to change!But in the spirit of the makeover montage -- that cosmetic revamping that, no matter how extensive, never seems to alter the true character of our nerdy heroines -- some notables:"My Fair Lady." In thinking back on Audrey Hepburn's films, we realize she had a makeover moment in almost all of them -- the dramatic haircut and street clothes in "Roman Holiday" or the high-fashion upgrade in "Funny Face," plus just about every scene in this makeover-themed movie-musical. Two favorites: her frilly debut at Ascot; and later, at the Embassy Ball, in...

Damien Hirst: 'I'm Not Buying Art -- But You Totally Should!'

Y.B.A. posterman Damien Hirst -- yes, he who smashed Picasso's 1993 single-artist auction record back in September with a $199 million haul -- is not buying art these days.  Seems he is one of the wealthy patrons whose reticence accounts for the 30 to 50 percent drop in contemporary art acquisitions.  Nevertheless, he'd still like you to open your wallet -- he'll be making bronze meteorites soon, he thinks (quote: "They're going to be out of this world!") and Lord knows we all need one of those.  About as much as we need a $100 million diamond-encrusted skull, or a dead shark suspended in aqua formaldehyde.Check out his entire too-cool-for-school interview here.