Aide: McCain Fired Up for N.H.

Huckabee may have taken Iowa, but New Hampshire's real battle will pit Romney against McCain. How the Arizona senator plans to fight back.

Socializing With Your Friends Amid The Commercial Clutter

Greg Benedetto believes in the old adage "the customer comes first." He worked for Canada's HMV record chain for two years as a teenager and, in that time, learned a thing or two about getting people to buy things. "A customer who is treated well probably won't say anything," he says. "But a customer who is treated poorly will tell everyone they know." And that is exactly what Benedetto plans to do if Facebook's new targeted ad campaign gets out of hand. Already Benedetto has invited all 562 of his Facebook friends to join the group Stand Up! Don't Let Facebook Invade Your Social Life With Ads!What's got Benedetto worked up is a statement from social-networking site Facebook earlier this month indicating that it would make data on its 30.6 million members available to advertisers, who want to tailor ads to members' hobbies and preferences. Under the new "Social Ads" program, anyone who, for example, lists an interest in travel will be served up ads for cheap fares and hotels....

Washington’s New AIDS Battle

Washington, D.C., has the nation's highest HIV-infection rate. The woman leading the city's fight against the AIDS epidemic discusses her battle plan--and why even these new numbers may be an underestimation.

Facebook’s New Ad Strategy

Facebook says it's data mining its members to serve up more relevant ads. But users say the company's plan is an invasion of their privacy.