Sarah Kliff

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  • You’re Fine As You Are!

    The new ad campaign for Weight Watchers wants us to know that it's on our side. "Diets are mean," reads one slogan; "Go on a diet diet," urges another. Tylenol is now distributing free tips on preventing common aches and pains—only without the help of Tylenol or any other pill. Spokes-people for the companies say their campaigns are "honest" or intended "to educate."It's an odd strategy: trying to win over consumers by suggesting that we don't need what they're selling. Have companies forgotten about the bottom line? No, they've just learned that shoppers are susceptible to flattery. If customers believe a company "has what's good for me in mind, that's a big, big plus," says C. B. Bhattacharya, a marketing professor at Boston University. The approach has worked for Dove, whose Campaign for Real Beauty, which debuted in 2004, urges women to love their bodies just as they are. It's helped Dove vault from a soapmaker into a $1 billion brand with new lines of lotions and self-tanners....
  • 8 Worst Easter Candies

    Here's exactly what all those Peeps, bunnies and eggs will cost you calorie-wise.
  • Sorry, Hillary, But Girls Already Rule

    Barack Obama's mobilization of the youth vote doesn't surprise me. I am eight months out of college and completely get his appeal: his hopeful ideals, moving speeches and that air of change surrounding him are thrilling.What shocks me is how thoroughly uncool it is to back Hillary and how her twentysomething supporters are regularly put on the defensive for having the audacity to vote against hope, change and revolution. While the Obamaniacs display their support proudly on messenger-bag pins and Facebook statuses, I have found Hillary supporters to be a quieter bunch, not looking to attract attention. As one of my friends from college describes it, being a Hillary supporter is "like being one of the geeky kids standing in the corner, trying to avoid eye contact" so she does not have to be asked, again, why she just doesn't get it.Obama is so incredibly easy to get: drink the Kool-Aid, get on the bandwagon and get excited. Watch the "Yes We Can" YouTube video, musical artist will.i...
  • Denny’s as Historical Landmark

    An old Denny's restaurant location in Seattle was recently declared a historical landmark—angering some, but thrilling aficionados of space-age, '50s-style architecture.
  • 6 Tips for Healthy Breasts

    The latest research on how to maintain healthy breasts—inside and out. Plus, what really causes sagging.
  • The Sex Lives of Bar Flies

    What a new study on alcohol and fruit flies can tell us about how booze affects human sexual behavior.
  • Why Tigers Attack

    They're not territorial, but they react strongly to any changes in their environment.
  • Top 7 Medical Misconceptions

    According to a new study, even doctors fall prey to common medical misconceptions. Here's the straight story on everything from postmortem hair growth to Halloween candy hazards.
  • All Men Created Unequal

    Human evolution has created a remarkable diversity--not between races so much as among individuals. That's going to challenge our notions of justice.
  • 6 Holiday Sanity Savers

    Cringing at the thought of another overbooked Christmas? We consulted with some experts to learn how to survive the holiday season.
  • Scientists Build Robot Cockroaches

    To figure out how a group of small-brained insects is able to perform tasks of great complexity, scientists infiltrated a band of cockroaches with robotic ringers.
  • Can Vitamin C Cure Your Cold?

    When the sniffles strike, many of us reach for a glass of orange juice or a vitamin C supplement. But are they really effective?
  • Fighting Flab in the ’Burbs

    Living a bit too large on those leafy lanes? Here's how to stay active and healthy even when you live a car culture.
  • This Is Your Brain on Optimism

    New research reveals the biological roots of positive thinking. How a rosy outlook can affect your health.
  • Why You Need a Nap

    Pining for the perfect siesta? A sleep doc tells us what you need to do for the best midday snooze.