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  • Lebanon: Bush's Democracy Campaign

    As Lebanon's Parliament battles over who it will choose as the nation's next president, U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman has made it clear which side America is not on. In op-eds, TV appearances and meetings with top officials, he described the current pro-Syrian president, Emile Lahoud, as an embodiment of the state's chronic weakness. He urged legislators to pick a leader who would disarm Hizbullah, the Iran- and Syria-backed Party of God. He did not explicitly endorse a candidate of the pro-Western majority, but his campaign still has raised eyebrows. The leftist Beirut newspaper As Safir voiced the opinion of many Lebanese, complaining that never in the history of diplomacy "has a foreign ambassador given himself such license to interfere."Not only in Lebanon is the aggressive Bush-administration campaign to promote democracy provoking a backlash. To be sure, the protests do not always come from democrats. But countries that used to blame internal dissent on CIA meddling now...
  • Diplomat on Lebanon’s Crisis

    Washington's ambassador to Lebanon explains why the country needs to elect a new president, and how America views Hizbullah leadership.
  • Can U.S. Ease Turk-Kurd Tensions?

    A former CIA analyst discusses Turk-Kurd tensions in Northern Iraq and whether Washington can do anything to help.
  • Lebanon: Setbacks in Selecting a President

    Lebanon's efforts to select a new president are already facing fresh setbacks. But with a deadline looming, lawmakers risk even deeper chaos if they fail to make a choice.