Simon Schama

Stories by Simon Schama

  • 130207-skeletons-tease-intro

    The Return of Ruthless Richard

    A brutal king comes back to life in a frenzy of forensic romance. Simon Schama looks back at the strongman Richard III.
  • james-bond-FE02-main

    Bond is Back

    Shake us. Stir us. James Bond is back and cooler than ever. The iconic spy at 50. By Simon Schama.
  • eastwood-rnc-co05-schama

    GOP Grand Illusions

    Simon Schama on how Republicans are declaring war on history.
  • gore-vidal-om04

    Vidal’s Spidery Glee

    Simon Schama says the provocateur brilliantly skewered our self-deceptions, though his irony developed a frosty rime at its bitter edge.
  • queen-released-photos-gal-tease

    The Greatest Day of Her Life

    Queen Elizabeth II celebrates a glorious 60 years on the throne with her Diamond Jubilee. Renowned historian Simon Schama recounts the day a 27-year-old woman galvanized a modern nation.
  • titanic-sharma-FE02-third

    Titanic’s Wake

    All walks of life teemed aboard the RMS Titanic—from dollar dukes to striving immigrants. Little did they know how they would be betrayed.
  • The housemaids of Downton Abbey.

    No Downers in Downton

    Why have Americans fallen for a show that serves up snobbery by the bucketful?
  • need-europe-fe06-schama

    Why You Should Care About Europe

    As the economic crisis rages, leading British historian Simon Schama makes an impassioned plea: America's fate remains deeply intertwined with the continent.
  • rome-hughes-fe06-schama

    Rome, Reimagined

    Robert Hughes's exhilarating new history gives us an Eternal City steeped in more than the legends of Caesar.
  • freud-art-fe04b-Schama

    Painter in the Flesh

    Eye of the hawk: Lucian Freud was a profoundly confrontational artist, assaulting his subjects in paint. By Simon Schama.
  • tweet-co01-sharma

    Out, Damned Tweet!

    Shakespeare's lessons in eloquence have never been more important.
  • founding-fathers-schama-wide

    The Founding Fathers, Unzipped

    The Constitution’s framers were flawed like today’s politicians, we should stop embalming them in infallibility.