Design: Serious Fun

Taking your children to the playground is a good way to fool them into getting exercise. But all playgrounds were not created equal. TIP SHEET found five that go well beyond the obligatory slide, seesaw and swing set. ...

How to Track Your Teen Driver

You've probably seen those HOW'S MY DRIVING decals on trucks, giving a number to call if the semi in front of you is weaving all over the highway. Now you can slap a similar sticker on your teenager's car. For a yearly fee (about $50) or will send you a sticker and e-mail you when a driver tattle-tales on your kid's wobbly progress on the road.If that seems too Orwellian, for $8.95 will send you a magnet or sticker that pegs your teen as a newbie behind the wheel. If Johnny tries to peel it off, remind him that car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in the U.S.