Joe Arpaio

The Fall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The Maricopa County lawman received national attention for rounding up undocumented immigrants and forcing inmates to wear pink underwear.

California's Famed Salton Sea Is Drying Up

Norm Niver is old enough to remember when California’s Salton Sea was a rich ecosystem and a coveted tourist destination. The retired electronics-shop owner, 77, was a teenager when he first saw California’s largest lake—formed by accident when the Colorado River broke through a levee in 1905, flooding the low-lying Salton Sink southeast of Palm Springs. Niver recalls pleasant vacations fishing for saltwater species like orange mouth corvina, sargo and gulf croaker. Millions of migratory birds used the lake as substitute wetlands as development destroyed the state’s natural marshes. Humans flocked to the lake, too. In the 1950s, the Salton Sea was in vogue as “California’s Riviera.” Subdivisions and a fancy yacht club sprang up on the shores, and it became a playground for Rat Packers like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.But now, Niver says his paradise is "drying up and dwindling away." Increasing salinity, thanks to evaporation, salty agricultural runoff and lack of an outlet, has...