Barbra Streisand on Politics, eBay and Directing

Was it hard to direct yourself?
The only hard part is the part I don't like, meaning costume fittings, hair and makeup, having to care about how you appear. I don't like being fussed over. I don't like even to learn lines.

Did you ever feel like you needed someone to direct you?
I did at first. And then I got to know more of what I was doing. I had such a wonderfully supportive crew in England. I guess that's because a woman in power was nothing new to them, since they had a queen, and at the time Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. The crew was just enormously willing to have me have my dream.

They actually wrote you a card saying how much they liked you—and you included it in the DVD package.
They presented it to me one day, and they said they sent it to The Sun. It was just adorable.

You didn't ask them to do it?
Oh God, no.

I was really nervous when you were going to call.
You're kidding. Why?

I had read all these things.
Wait a minute. Let's try to analyze that. Because that's really interesting to me. A person's reputation, what comes before them. The people who say those things have never really worked with me.

Had you watched "Yentl" lately?
No. I never watch my things again. I make an album and then maybe 10 years later, I hear a thing or two. If I walk into somebody's house or a department store, I always say, "Can you please turn that off?" Because I spend so much time on it, before it's released, that once it's released it's on its own. I really don't want to listen to it.

Are you going to be doing the sequel to "Meet the Fockers"?
Perhaps. Why?

I was just wondering. I think it's called "Meet the Little Fockers."
[Laughs] Well, if the script is very good, and I'm not directing another movie, maybe I would do it.

Do you think you'll direct again?
Yeah. I do. I don't want to be in it this time, though. I think that would be so much easier. No costume fittings, no hair and makeup, no lines to learn. That would be a breeze.

I noticed you sell your old clothes on eBay.
Yeah. For my foundation.

Are they actually yours?
What do you mean? It doesn't say these are my things? I'll check it out.

Oh, I'm online and I see it now.
It's mine. It's all mine. I keep things for a very long time. They come back in style. I don't like to shop. I kind of wear very simple clothes, and I seem to buy the same thing over and over again. So I shop in my own closets—I say, "Oh my God, look at this!" Or "It's back. Shoulder pads are back."

There's a Chloe dress with a starting bid of $9.99.
Are you kidding? Chloe for $9.99? I think I'll buy it back. What does it look like?

What was it like going to the Kennedy Center Honors?
A little strange. Very strange. To meet George Bush for the first time.

But he hugged you?
I guess he knows how much I—actually, he told a friend who told me, "I know how Barbra dislikes me." He was concerned, I think, about my reaction to him. So he was very smart. To put out your arm and say give me a kiss. Give me a hug. That was very clever. As I said there, art transcended politics that weekend.

Did you see Josh Brolin in "W"?
What do you think? Why wouldn't I? He's my stepson. I thought he was great.