From Biker Chic To Biker Cheek

It's a union made in designer heaven: Hells Angels meet Charlie's Angels. At last, someone's thinking of the poor fashion victim loath to shed her biker gear when the weather heats up. Rev up your surfboards-here comes the Harley-Davidson swimwear collection. From the look of it, the designers of motorcycles and maillots share a common goal: to pack as much power into as little space as possible. How to translate the aura of leather and chains to a wisp of Lycra and tricot? It's simple, says Michael Eisenberg of T.K MAB, the official licensee for the bathing line: " We all ride. We design with the bike in mind." The result is an array of "wet leather" and bugle-beaded tanks, denim and tattoo-print bikinis, and daintily studded push-up suits, all embroidered with those potent symbols of rebellion: the eagle, the bar and shield or the motto LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LIVE. For the not-so-Wild One, there are demure little " mechanic jumpers," "swim bomber" cover-ups and microscopic, lace-up hot pants to get poolside motors running. The legendary House of Harley, which inspired the now indispensable motorcycle jacket and harness boot, just picked up a medal at the Council of Fashion Designers of America for decades of style influence on everyone from club kids to Chanel. The hope, for Harley, is that hog fashion won't run out of gas. But 10 pounds of wet sequins aren't everyone's idea of easy riding.