Bite-Size Cinema

Three big-name filmmakers are behind three big-budget ad campaigns on TV right now. They gave us 30 seconds of cinema, so our critic David Ansen gives them 30-second reviews:

Michel Gondry for Motorola: A slicker, busier version of the cardboard-cutout surrealism of "The Science of Sleep," this French ad for the Razr2 cell phone is terribly hip, but what exactly it's selling (aside from Gondry's style) is unclear.

Michael Mann for Nike : Wow. A tactile paean to all-out effort, Mann's mini-action flick is one continuous movement of bone-crushing contact, set to the stirring score of his "Last of the Mohicans." The message: "Leave nothing." Mann obliges.

Wes Anderson for AT&T: Where some directors cut, the artifice-loving Anderson likes to move his camera from room to room, going for a living diorama effect. That's what he does in his droll spots for AT&T, showing in one unbroken shot the many worlds a customer visits by phone in a day. Clever.