Blissful Thinking

In "Thank You Power," TV journalist Deborah Norville taps the emerging field of positive psychology to argue that everyday expressions of gratitude are one giant step down the road to happiness. NEWSWEEK's Jeneen Interlandi appreciated the interview:

What led you to write this book?
I noticed that when I focused on what was going well in my life—as opposed to fixating on the problems that crept up— I was happier and things worked out better for me.

How does " Thank You Power " differ from the power of positive thinking?
You have to not only count your blessings but write them down. "Thank You Power" is an active endeavor.

What are the steps?
I actually have a thank-you list—I jot down three or four things a day that I am grateful for in a little notebook. Focusing on these moments puts you in "positive affect"—which is the scientific word for feeling good.

What do you say to skeptics?
Give it a shot. If the Britney Spearses of the world had some "Thank You Power" training, I wonder if they wouldn't find their own lives better to live.