Bonds Ball: Bang Zoom to the Moon?

After buying Barry Bonds's record-setting 756th home-run ball for $752,467, hip-hop fashion mogul Marc Ecko wants you to decide its fate. On, he offers three choices: send it to the Hall of Fame, brand it with an asterisk and mail it to Cooperstown or put it in a rocket ship to outer space. He spoke to Mark Starr:

Americans might not trust sluggers, but I'm not sure that they trust elections either.
This will be audited by a third-party service that specializes in this sort of thing. It's rock solid. This is no hanging chads. This is the ultimate poll.

And if the public so votes, will you really launch the ball?
Sir, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. There are third-party services that do this. It's not like I have to go build a rocket in my backyard, though that'd be fun.

Can I ask how you voted?
Absolutely. I voted for the asterisk. Major League Baseball was asleep at the wheel on this for a long time. I don't know what Barry rubbed on his arms [or] didn't rub on his arms, but for me a system that rewards, encourages, even looks away from it, then indicts it afterwards—"Oh, my, I didn't know"—needs to be put in check. It is healthy to have a debate over this.

Beyond a vote, what do you hope to accomplish?
That we can all hug it out. This is what life is all about: mixing it up, discussing things, agreeing to disagree. And giving it a good kick in the ass now and then.