Could it be? Americans are spending less time at the movies because they're too busy--reading. In May (as "Kingdom of Heaven" bombed), sales of adult hardcovers jumped 29.6 percent, adult paperbacks 18.4 percent and children's hardcovers 21.2 percent over the same period in 2004, reports the Association of American Publishers. So how will these novels-to-movies do? Even if they're not all B.O. hits, expect them to sell... more books.

'SHOPGIRL' (OCT. 21) The story: Claire Danes, as the so-called girl, falls for an older man (Steve Martin, not Billy Crudup).

New release: 150,000 tie-in copies.

'THE GOBLET OF FIRE' (NOV. 18) The story: Ralph Fiennes joins the series as You-Know-Who (OK, Voldemort).

New release: Four tie-ins--for coloring, tracing, posters and stickers.

'MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA' (DEC. 9) The story: Dir. Rob Marshall moves from 'Chicago' to Japan. Ziyi Zhang stars.

New release: 1.25 million copies, including a Spanish edition.

'BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN' (DEC. 9) The story: Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are cowboys--who lasso each other.

New release: A stand-alone novella (from the short story).

'EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED' (SEPT. 16) The story: Elijah Wood on another journey--but this time without the Hobbit ears.(Liev Schreiber adapted the novel.)

New release: 100,000 more copies.