Bored @

We’ve all been there. Sitting in the library, not ready to start that paper. Why not invite a fellow classmate to have some library sex? Or share your darkest secrets? Thanks to, students at 11 college libraries are able to do just that.

Jonathan Pappas started the network in February 2006 during his senior year at Columbia University. The websites, which adopt the name of the particular school’s library, allow students to anonymously post thoughts and respond to others’.

“What would students say if they could say whatever they wanted?” asks Pappas.Anything, it seems. Posts include everything from sexual fantasies to political opinions to one bored library-goer’s request for a response from any “gaysians.”

The sites, which have since expanded to all the Ivies, Stanford, MIT, and NYU, boasted nearly 500,000 posts as of early March. No more pesky chat room pedophiles to ignore—just your horny classmates.