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  • Lapo Elkann

    Italian Stallion, Inc.

    Playboy industrialist Lapo Elkann vows to rehabilitate Italy's image—just as he did his own.
  • bloombergs-ny-fe05

    Bloomberg's Plan for World Domination

    With an army of reporters and wonky information services, the media company is expanding from Wall Street to Washington, Where it hopes to control—even more.
  • what-I-rented-tease-intro

    The Things I Rented

    Get a job? Yeah, right. There's a much quicker way to make a buck when the economy's in the tank.
  • money-tax-nb50-stone

    Welfare for Millionaires

    A startling new report reveals the billions in government dollars that benefit America’s wealthiest citizens.
  • Whacked!

    A slew of controversial characters took a hit last week.
  • charlie-rose-nb20

    Charlie Rose

    The TV host talks about asking lengthy questions, two decades on PBS, and whether he’ll take over ‘The Early Show’ on CBS.
  • greenest-international-companies-tease

    The World's Greenest Companies

    As government efforts slow, our annual rankings show which companies are still carrying the eco-mantle. By Ian Yarett.
  • greenest-tech-companies-tease

    30 Greenest Tech Companies

    Newsweek finds the top tech companies based on environmental impact and greenest corporate management.
  • global-green-rankings-gal-ibm

    Green Leaders of the Future

    For the next generation of change, advises John Elkington, watch for disruptive ventures from the margins.
  • green-ranking-newsweek

    2011 Green Rankings FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about our exclusive environmental rankings and how we created them.
  • Green Rankings: Top 10 U.S. companies

    America’s Greenest Companies

    From Office Dept to Accenture, these are the most earth-friendly companies in the U.S. The Green Rankings were created in 2009 with ASAP Media, a New York City media development firm founded by editors Peter W. Bernstein ( and Annalyn Swan ( It specializes in creating magazine, book, and online content.
  • frenemies-gates-fe16

    The Best of Frenemies

    The relationship between Gates and Jobs was always complicated, sometimes nasty, and, in the end, surprisingly tender.

    The Jobs Number

    He changed more than the computer business. Jobs transformed every industry he touched.
  • carlos-slim-nb20

    Carlos Slim

    The Mexican telecom tycoon, says what’s wrong with the economy.
  • schultz-starbucks-fe03

    Howard Schultz

    Why the Starbucks CEO is withholding his money to fix our broken politics.