Careers: Jobs With Salaries of $100k or More

Click the image above for a photo gallery of odd jobs that pay $100,000.

The most recent government jobs data offered up some good news late last week. The economy added 290,000 jobs in April, far overshooting predictions that there would only be 190,000 new positions for the month. The unemployment rate, which rose by 0.2 percent, may actually be a good thing, say analysts, who suggest that workers who weren’t even bothering to look for work are getting back into the hunt. Among the new posts, 66,000 were temporary jobs with the U.S. Census, while manufacturing, with 44,000 new posts, saw the largest private-sector growth. President Obama is hailing the statistics as “encouraging news.”

Meanwhile, NEWSWEEK continues to scour online job boards to track the best listings with salaries of $100,000 or more. This week’s picks from Indeed and Simply Hired:

Chief Technology Officer, Advantek International
Advantek International, a company that integrates communications systems in the U.S. and Central Asia, is looking for someone in New York (well, Long Island) to evaluate emerging technologies and oversee a team of developers.
Pro: If you’re into high-tech trendspotting, this could be the gig for you.
Con: It’s actually an hourly position, not a salaried one, so the pay may vary depending on how energetic you are.

Senior Computer Engineer, University of Southern California
USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering is looking for a collaborative team member to conduct research projects with scientists at a range of other elite universities.
Pro: Academic work in sunny California—what’s not to like?
Con: Well, one downside might be the preference for a Ph.D. You’d better have your degrees in line.

Director of Pricing, Stephen James Associates
The accounting firm needs someone to pore over request for proposals and draft estimates, and help oversee a team that’s trying to secure federal contracts.
Pro: The job offers up to $180,000 a year and doesn’t require more than a bachelor’s degree.
Con: To even be considered, candidates must have more than a decade of experience with government contract cost-proposal development.

Chief Accounting Officer
A banking and mortgage company in south Michigan is seeking a CAO with lengthy experience and time at one of the Big Four accounting firms. The officer will work with the company’s board, outside regulators including the SEC, and major investors.
Pro: The salary can be as high as $250,000 and includes a relocation stipend.
Con: Looks like a bit of a wild card; the unnamed bank says it’s coming off a major reorganization. That could cut both ways.