The Checklist

Our top picks for the week ahead.

GO to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the first major exhibition— and only U.S. venue—of the landscape paintings of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (opens Oct. 4;

RENT Funny Face: 50th Anniversary Edition, the effervescent musical with Fred Astaire romancing a haute couture Audrey Hepburn. Think pink!

SURF for the site’s new MP3 music store, which sells DRM-free tunes for as little as or less than iTunes. The songs play on any device, including iPods.

HEAR Maria Callas: The Complete Studio Recordings. This 70-disc box set, released 30 years after the death of opera’s grande dame, contains every studio recording Callas ever made ($152.98 at

READ The Secret History of the War on Cancer, for epidemiologist Devra Davis’s exposé of how industrial, political and science leaders downplayed cancer prevention in favor of moneymaking treatment of symptoms.