Wacko Jacko, as Court TV kicks up its coverage. (A new documentary airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.) With jury selection underway, this case is shaping up to be a real... thriller. for links to trivia and a live Webcast at 7 a.m., ET, Wednesday, when America's favorite forecaster comes out of his hole. No, we don't mean Al Roker.

"Putumayo Presents New Orleans" ($15.98). Mardi Gras is almost here, so get the party started with this new CD. It includes renditions from Louis Armstrong and Dr. John.

"Ray." The biopic is out this week on DVD. Follow it up with "Collateral." Who would have thought the star of "Booty Call" would land two Oscar nominations in the same year?

"Black Panther." This first black comic-book superhero returns with a new Marvel series ($2.99; in stores Wednesday).