Thanks to 'roid rumors, the market for some sluggers' rookie cards is looking sluggish. In 2000, dealer Andy Madec sold a 1985 Mark McGwire for $8,016. Now with Big Mac's rep in a slump, the same card fetches only $600. A look at the Hall of Shame:

Barry Bonds
1987 Fleer Rookie
Peak: $2,200
Now: $700

Jose Canseco
1986 Donruss Rookie
Peak: $200
Now: $25

Jason Giambi
1991 Topps Traded
Peak: $400
Now: $30

Mark McGwire
1985 Topps Tiffany (High-Gloss Special-Edition Series)
Peak: $10,000
Now: $600

Sammy Sosa
1990 Leaf Rookie
Peak: $1,200
Now: $200