Keri Russell sure had a tough time in college. We polled school officials on how our fave undergrad should've solved these jams.

PROBLEM As a frosh: Couldn't find the textbook.
FELICITY'S SOLUTION Tells prof. He ridicules her in front of class.
REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONCheck library, Xerox chapters from a pal.

PROBLEM Sophomore: Oops! Just missed the final.
FELICITY'S SOLUTION Ben finds the teacher, begs for a makeup.
REAL-WORLD SOLUTION Right idea. But don't send your boyfriend.

PROBLEM Junior: Thought she'd dropped class; hadn't.
FELICITY'S SOLUTION Stays up all night with Noel (wink) studying.
REAL-WORLD SOLUTION Double-check schedule before drop deadline.

PROBLEM Senior: Denied financial aid; late with forms.
FELICITY'S SOLUTION Enters beauty pageant to win some $$$.
REAL-WORLD SOLUTION Lose the tiara. Talk to a financial-aid counselor.